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What are your favourite Michael Caine movies?

Asked by ucme (39295 points ) December 13th, 2010

Haven’t asked a movie question in a while, yeah I know crazy right? Pretty straightforward stuff, Maurice Micklewhite’s finest performances for you would be? For the record, The Italian JobGet Carter… & Zulu are, in my opinion, peerless performances from the cockney geezer. Love those movies to bits!

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my very favourite is ‘alfie’. It’s a great movie, and he was young, and so right for the part. Like it was written for him.

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He had a small but brilliant role in Children of Men.

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Get Carter is my favourite, followed by Muppet Christmas Carol. :-D

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I think is the the perfect fit for Alfred in the bat man movies. Also highly enjoyed his very small roll in inception.

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Noises Off… (great all-around cast) and A Muppet Christmas Carol (a predictable choice, I’m sure). I haven’t seen any movies from his younger years, though.

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Hannah and Her Sisters and Deathtrap are two of my favorites. Also Get Carter.

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I love love love Michael Caine. I really liked Alfie and Deathtrap and Blame it on Rio.

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Zulu is my favorite.

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Just as an extra little nugget, the beach where Caine is shot & killed at the end of Get Carter is no more than a stone’s throw from where I now live. ”Not a lot of people know that” ;¬}

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Oh, and two more… Dirty Rotten Scroundels and The Man Who Would be King (with Sean Connery).

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This one is my favorite movie of his.

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@lucillelucillelucille I was just scrolling through to see if anyone had mentioned mine, and have found that @Doppelganger19 and your good self have.
A truly great film.

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Alfie and The Man Who would be King.

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The Italian Job

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I’m ashamed to admit to how many of his movies I haven’t seen. For the ones that have been viewed, I’d have to say Miss Congeniality. He did an an outstanding part as a roaring gay homosexual.

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The Man Who Would Be King
Educating Rita
Funeral in Berlin
Children of Men

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Alfie, Educating Rita, A Bridge Too Far, Half Moon Street

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The Man Who Would Be King.
In my opinion, the best movie ever made that lots of people never saw.
Liked Zulu as well.

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@josie I agree with you about The Man Who Would be King – it’s one of our favorites.

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Dirty Rotten Scroundels

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Secondhand Lions. The Italian Job is a close second. I also liked The Cider House Rules, and The Dark Knight.

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Muppets Christmas Carol and Educating Rita

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I love the Muppets Christmas Carol!!!

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Definitely the Muppet Christmas Carol. I also loved him in The Cider House Rules – “Good night, you princes of Maine, you kings of New England”!

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The Cider House Rules

My wife for some reason has always disliked Michael Caine, but even she liked him in this one.

“Goodnight, you princes of Maine….you kings of New England…”

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Just say the words “My cocaine” with an English accent…

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HA HA, filmfann.

Now please excuse me. I must go and have Mike Hunt paged….

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“Zulu” is my favorite

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