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If everything you value is put at stake, would you take something like the RFID chip?

Asked by seventeen123 (428 points ) January 17th, 2010

For those of you that don’t know, the RFID chip is a radio-frequency identification chip that is put into some animals and people. It’s a smart idea, it stores financial info, social security, and other private information that you don’t want others to get into. Some people speculate that within the next couple of years everyone will be required to have it.
Now, the Bible clearly talks about the mark of the beast, and that everyone will be forced to take it either on their right hand or forehead (which is what is said with the chip).
If your life was put at stake, would you take the chip? Or do you personally believe all the stuff that is written about in the Bible about the end times?
Just what’s your input on this topic??

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Seriously? Do we have to drag the bible into everything? Ughh.

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No, I don’t want the government spying on me.

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Umm….not exactly a big fan of surgery, OR id chips. I have “don’t-like-chips-under-my-skin-phobia”.

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i’d take it… up the bum

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I wouldn’t mind having a way to carry my medical history around with me in such a manner that EMTs can access it when I am unconscious. My husband generally has me to do that for him, but if I am the one with a medical problem there is no other decent source of information.

Eventually there may be in that we go to the base for our medical needs and gradually everything is going into an electronic system so any military doc can call it up. Before that each person had a medical file that followed them from base to base, with everything listed. Unfortunately for my husband, once Humana took over the administration of TriCare in our area they declared him, ineligible to be seen at the base. Now his medical records are scattered in hospitals and doctor’s offices all over town.

I suggest it go on the left shoulder, right where my small pox vaccination scar is. That way we can avoid all those references to the mark of the beast, and there will be a reason for the scar that makes sense to my post-small pox vaccination kids.

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well, aside from not buying any of this number of the beast business for a second, until the security of those chips becomes much improved there’s no chance I’d get one. Having worked with the technology and seeing in deployment how effective and useful it can be I’m all for it but at the same time the potential for misuse is so great that I don’t see it as viable for human use for at least the next 10 years.

@Darwin EHR’s are coming, hopefully with wide deployment in the next 6 years. sadly, though everyone talks about VA compatibility, a lot of people are making that second to getting their solution into the market. with luck the standards coming up will have some teeth behind them to force everyone to bend to compatibility before wide releases.

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– What is the potential of misuse with this?

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I will never take upon my physical person anything which makes me a numerical, quantifiable and traceable entity of any domestic or foreign government regardless of where it’s placed. That to me represents the end of human autonomy and is unconscionable in a free society.

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Well, I don’t know if RFID chips are the Mark, but I wouldn’t want one in any case. My information is too public already, and the idea of making something like that compulsory irks me. “Buckle your seatbelt when in the car” is sound good sense, but “put this thing under your skin so that we can access your records and ascertain your location or track your movement at any time or else we’ll throw you in jail and then do it anyway” is too much. I’d sooner go live with hippies in the mountains.
If they stuck it into me unawares (unlikely in a Mark of the Beast scenario, since it’s presented there as a choice, and refusal is death), I’d try to get it taken out as soon as I realized I had one.

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@seventeen123 well, one of the first chips we worked with used a proprietary data format to keep prying eyes from doing walk by scans. our testers broke it in less than a week. if the data isn’t properly encrypted and the device is made to be used by numerous types of sensors it’s possible to intercept and decode the data without the person ever knowing.

Another issue was the range of the tags. if the range is too short the tags use can become overly limited, but if it’s too wide (say anything over about 8 inches) people with portable scanners can collect the data undetected. Once they have the data, they can do with it as they please.

There were also some issues with damage to the chips, how do you provide personal back up’s for active data such as an EHR, does everyone need to buy a scanner for home use? that can be a tough sell.

Data compatibility standards across manufactures was an issue too. everyone wanted it to be proprietary to ensure customer loyalty.

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You are telling me that they are saying that the chip goes in to the forehead? I am just gonna go tounge in cheek on this one and call bullshit.
Why not the bottom of the foot? Back of the knee, back of the neck, chest, top of hand, top of the head? The forehead, the front of a persons face? Um, no. Why not place it in to the ear canal?
As for a chip to trace people, again….B.S. By the time that they start doing this kind of thing they will have injectable nanos that can be administrated with vaccines and scratches.

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-It’s just under the hair line. Haha not like the middle of the forehead.

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Can you please find a creditable source? Not a site like this one,

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I believe that John of Patmos was actually writing about the persecution of Domitian Caesar during his own lifetime and that all the Dispensationalists, millennialists and rapture believers are full of baloney. But I don’t want an RFID chip implanted. There comes a line where I believe Ben Franklin was right, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” He was right because he could have added, they get neither liberty nor safety through that sacrifice.

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there are a ton.
you have to dig into it though.

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Sorry @seventeen123 I don’t believe it at all. The moment they start doing things like that would be the moment people start throwing hand grenades at the local police in the middle of Iowa. It’s just not going to happen. Hell, they can’t even make a chip that works right in my DL.

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– Haha you don’t have to believe it. I just hear a lot about it so I wanted to see what others think of it. & Yeah they haven’t quite got them right yet..

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I would implant the RFID chip implanted with just two words on it… fuck you.

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Only if my cat Fattie was attached to it…

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The point of having the Mark be on the forehead or right hand seems to me to be for the symbolism and the visibility. What’s behind your forehead? Your brain, specifically the bits pertaining to emotion and personality. Meanwhile, the right hand is used throughout the Bible to indicate favor.
Odds are good that the Mark will be a lot more cosmetic and a lot less technological, though there’s no reason why it couldn’t be both: a mark of allegiance (like red scarves in Soviet Russia) and a nametag.

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I have no interest or belief in any of that apocalyptic prophesy. As far as I am concerned, people can believe in signs of the beast, little green martian or that after an attack of cosmic muffins, we will all be transported to the paradise planet in the Oscar Myer Wiener mobile.

If I felt the need to carry an RFID chip containing all medical information, I rather it be in a Medic-Alert type of bracelet.

Only if the xenophobic paranoia that exists in countries like the USA and Iran is permitted to grow further, are governments likely to try and impose mandatory subcutaneous RFID tags on their citizens. The Nazi’s tatooed numbers on the skin of all the Jews in concentration camps that were not murdered immediately. It’s not a new idea, just a new way to label people like farm animals. What follows is treating people like livestock!

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I don’t want chips in anything. I love technology but I don’t like the idea of items and such that i purchased being monitored or people being monitored by technology which could be accessed by unathorized people.

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There is actually a campaign to force all farmers everywhere to tag all of their livestock with RFID chips (at their own expense, and monitored at their own expense), so that the FDA or the USDA can track every slab of meat from cradle to table. Beware the FDA stormtroopers!

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I like chips, but only if the dip is really good.

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Forgive me for asking but how the heck would that work once the cow is cut? The USDA checks cuts of meat right? Or do they just give the cow a green light to be chopped? Either way that sucks,as if farmers did not have enough to do already.

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There goes liberty and freedom. I ain’t taking it.

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The problem with nano technology is that maybe they’ll start attaching themselves to us like parasites at one point. Of course the only solution then will be THIS

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@Nullo You know that was a Republican initiative, do you not? It was to exempt factory farms and big agri-business and only apply to small family farms, thus bankrupting them all and handing their businesses over to big factory farms.

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You seem to be gunning for me, ET, and it grows wearisome.
My approach to the political spectrum is broader than yours, apparently. I am not a Republican, neither am I a Democrat, nor am I a Libertarian or any of those other little parties that always run and never get anywhere. I am registered as a non-partisan voter, the affiliation that best allows me to embrace my socially-conservative leanings, and vote -with clear conscience! – for the candidate that I feel is best suited to the job.
Sadly, I have (for the last few elections) been compelled by the Lesser Evil factor and the desire for my vote to really count, to vote Republican; I rest easy in the knowledge that they are -if the last Congress is any indication – “mostly harmless” to one of my views, accomplishing little of importance but not actively disrupting what works. The same cannot be said of the Democrats, who now and again seem to have it in for conservatives.

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@Nullo, I am not following you. I have never followed anyone on a social media site. It’s just not my style. Since the currently serving administration had nothing to do with the RFID chip in farm animals proposal you mentioned, I just felt compelled to let all who are reading here know exactly from whence it came. I did not assume you were of any political leaning. I wronte in strong opposition ot the RFID proposal, and apparently many others did as well, because I believe the diea was shelved.

I am probably not that different from you in my political leanings. I’m not enthralled at all with partican politics, but even less enthralled with the dirrection the current Republican Party has taken, and so I often find myself siding with the Democrats because the economic, tax and investment principles the Republican party now embrace would lead the USA toward becoming an oligarchy with banana republic overtones, and I don’t want that.

But we are straying far from the topic. Perhaps we straying far from this topic. If you’d like to discuss it further, one or the other of us can craft a question where partisan leanings, pro and con, is the subject.

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Ah, so your post was an apologia. I see.

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@Nullo Yes, please take it that way. It was in no way meant as a personal attack.

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@Nullo My ear surgeon mentioned that there is plenty of space behind the ear for anything… phone etc. If we could just cure that cancer thing.

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I would imagine that each cow would be processed into a single batch, and each piece in the batch labeled with the same information as was on the RFID tag, or a serial number representative of the same.
That’s how I would do it, but I’m not the FDA.

Another unsettling marvel.

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Since I heard that researchers were able to hack internal defibrillators, I wouldn’t get an RFID chip unless the security was foolproof. Since that will never happen, I will never get an RFID chip.

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What kind of monster hacks an internal defibrillator?

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@Nullo I don’t think anyone’s done it yet, but the capability is there. Now the engineering geeks need to install a firewall.

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I believe nothing in the bible and loose EVERYTHING….id be first in line…

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I value my liberty too highly to allow myself to be categorized, collectivized, or digitized. By the time this happened, I would either be dead, or fighting in the underground.

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As for the risk to security, my credit blows anyway….chip away….take that sams club card I can never find

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