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What smoothy recipes should I try? - I just got a new blender - yay!

Asked by zookeeny (875 points ) February 1st, 2010

As my questions states I have recently made a huge investment (ok huge for me Im on a tight budget!!). I bought a blender and have been enjoying making variety of drinks.

Now I am looking for more ideas.
What goes well together?
Can I have my 5 fruits and 5 veg a day all in one go?
Has anyone added tofu to one? – cant quite bring myself to do it but I do want to increase my protein intake.

Oh yea non alcholic drinks. Ideas for yummy chocolate ones and also really healthy ones – like whats good for healthy skin and detox etc.

Thanks – sorry lots of questions. I look forward to your answers :)

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A green tea smoothie?

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ooh ooh!!! what goes well together?

try this: bananas, vanilla icecream, milk, vanilla pudding, sugar, ice cubes, summore bananas! mmmmmmmmmm

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@Ltryptophan How do you make a green tea smootie? Sounds nice.

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Find some good green tea powder. Use Horizon skim milk, check to see if you have a vita-mix blender, and if not start working on getting one.

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Earthbound farms has some superb carrot juice that might go good in a smoothie.

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I just put frozen fruit, yogurt a little vanilla, some Truvia and a little soda water. Nom nom!! I might throw in a banana if I have one.

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mass-tech, milk, shake and drink. mmmm…combine that with working out and you can go to the jersey shore and find nice ass guidettes.

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I worked at a smoothie bar in a gym for a while and my favorite was juice (pineapple, I think), frozen blueberries and raspberries, vanilla frozen yogurt, and cashews, minus the protein powder stuff they put in. The cashews add a creaminess and a nice flavor that I like.

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@MissAnthrope that sounds soooo gooooooooood. bleagh without the cashews though. gross…i havnt had anything pineapple in a long time.

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I love putting ordinary yoghurt in a smoothie, it gives it that fresh taste i desire :)
like this

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I am a bit of a lemon junkie, but my all time favorite smoothie recipe is….

- 2 cups lemonade
– 1 cup frozen strawberries (you can eye ball it)
– 8–9 oz. lemon yogurt (you can try adding in other flavors if you like)
– ½ cup ice cubes

Also you can make this more of a dessert smoothie by adding some vanilla frozen yogurt.

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Sweet potato smoothie!

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My quick and healthy breakfast is oatmeal and this smoothie:
1 banana
½ cup orange juice
¼ cup plain yogurt
¼ cup blueberries

Those are approximate, I never actually measure, portions are not critical.

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Make some hummus. It’s easy, quick, about a quarter of the price of pre-packaged supermarket brands, and good for you.

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with us a banana is first in the blender and then some Soy milk, then nuts, fruit or even ice cram might go in there.

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I make daily smoothies with organic yogurt, bananas, strawberries ,blackberries, mango’s and whatever fruit I have .I also include almond or soy milk.

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Plain yogurt, a little orange juice, blueberries, wheat germ (makes it a little grainy, but adds vit E and fiber).

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Anything that goes together. Hey, anything! Experiment! If you are wondering if it’s a good recipe, only make a small bit and decide if you like it or not. If you like it, make some more, if you don’t, don’t!

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One that i really love is this: 1 big mango, 2 medium bananas, little orange juice to make it more liquid (throw in how ever much you want depending on how liquid you want it). Sometimes if i have some i’d put in a few tablespoons of plain greek yoghurt too.

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Here’s the easiest thing on earth to make with it. Couple of large bananas, a tsp. of valilla extract and ice cubes. Nothing else, including sugar. Makes a combination smoothie the texture of ice cream and is absolutely delicious.

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