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I am attempting to replicate the Portal Cake - what can I use for frosting/shavings etc etc?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3051points) October 11th, 2010

At the moment I have a Chocolate Devil’s Food cake mixture which I plan to use for the cake itself, but I do not know what to use for the frosting, the shaving, or the fruit. I hope to be able to make the stuff myself rather than buy store bought stuff. I also want it to be cheap, but still awesome.

Thanks in advance.

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Even though the cake is obviously a lie..

Check out this instructable.

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The cake is specifically a “black forest cake”

Vanilla or buttercream frosting with shaved chocolate ontop. Fruit is cherries sitting atop little rounds of whipped cream.

Here’s a photo of THE cake:

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Not sure if I want to bother with making the cake myself. Do you think devil’s cake mix will be fine?

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Here’s one you can make out of paper. Looks like a lot less trouble. :-)

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We demand pictures when you’re done.

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@lillycoyote Pretty sure that noone would appreciate eating a paper version of the cake.
@dverhey Will do. I usually get too excited and forget though, but I hope that doesn’t happen here.

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@Ame_Evil Just a thought. You didn’t seem to want to bother with making it yourself or buying store bought shavings and such, so I was trying to save you money, time and bother. I try to offer people options that others may not have considered. Just tuck it away in a file labelled, perhaps: Fictional Cakes Made Out of Paper. You never know when a need for that sort of thing might come up and you will now have it at the ready, should such an occasion arise. :-)

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@lillycoyote They sell shavings at stores? :p

Now that I think about it, aren’t they just grated chocolate bars?

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@Ame_Evil I don’t know if they sell shaving as stores, I thought you knew about these things! You said, after mentioning all the stuff you needed, including the above mentioned “shavings” that “I hope to be able to make the stuff myself rather than buy store bought stuff.” But yes, you could probably grate a chocolate bar, dark chocolate, though, of course.

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