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What smells do you love/hate?

Asked by nellybar (659points) October 12th, 2010

I was just enjoying the smell of a lasagne cooking in the oven, and wondered what other people would consider great/gross smells?

I love most cooking smells, the smell of rain and freshly cleaned clothes.
I hate the smell of raw potatoes, petrol and cut grass…

What are your love/hate smells?

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I love the smell of newly mown grass & the air after a storm. Oh and roses of course.
I hate the smell of cauliflower while it is cooking.

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Jasmine,Honeysuckle and roses are my favorite.Death is the worst.

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Love: Fresh cut lumber, garlic, and fig

Hate: I have to think about that… I am sure there are some just not coming to me.

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Love: Vanilla, coffee, hazelnut, coconut
Hate: Smoke, fish, dirt, lemongrass

There are other things, I just can’t think of them.

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Dislike: Burnt onions, rotten eggs, roofing tar, cigarette smoke

Like: Eucalyptus, my grandmothers old house, cigar smoke

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love: flowers, and vanilla
hate: cigarette smoke, and dirt

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@FutureMemory Are the smells of cigar and cigarette smoke that different? I can’t say Ive smelt cigar smoke before, but the smell of cigarette smoke is disgusting.

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Well, I’ve got not sense of smell, which makes it somewhat a difficult question, obviously, but on the rare occasions when I can taste smells (who know how, maybe it’s synaesthesia) I do LOVE the taste of lavender. So fresh!

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I love the smell of fresh bread and hate cigarette smoke.

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bacon and onions frying
dried eucalyptus
antique shop smell
baby’s breath (human)
certain candles- butter…...? candles
onion breath
spoiled chicken lol
very strong musk aftershave/perfume YUCK

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I love the smell of baked apple pie and Lilac’s. I despise cigarette breath and Mercaptan major yuck Ptewee!!!

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Love the smell of the first day of spring.
Hate the smell of freshly stepped in dog poo.

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@Cruiser Mercaptan? Wha?

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Love the smell of laundry dried in the sun; babies of all (well, most) species; rain; the aroma of anything wonderful on the stove or in the oven.

Hate cigarette smoke; bleach—especially that stuff used to clean tables in restaurants these days; fish; strong cologne.

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@Aster Mercaptan is a “thiol” that stinks to high heaven and I mean OMG stink! Dip a tip of a needle in this stuff and it will clear out a gymnasium. It is the same molecule that gives skunks their famous defense system. We use it here at work and you know when that happens and so do our neighbors. It is also used by the Gas Company as they put small PPMs in the natural gas to give it a detectable odor.

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Love: Vanilla, strawberry, cigarette smoke, gasoline, blueberries, tulips, bleach, lysol, hand sanitizer.

Hate: Strong Perfume/cologne, etc.

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Love: “Kilo” by Axe, cinnamon, pumpkin pie, fresh outside air, hazelnut coffee creamer, and burning wood.

Hate: Bad eggs >.<, skunks, dead animals, poop, and chicken houses are the worst.

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@Cruiser I don’t mind the odor of skunks as long as it’s far away. lol They just smell like rubber.

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Ditto with Jasmine, also the name of my cat although she stinks! I love the smell of a Sunday roast, a nice heady wine too… I like the smell of fresh bed linen & a fragrance a friend of mine wears but don’t know the name, I love the smell of a woman after we’ve made love….. I hate the smell of public conveniences at open air concerts & curry :-/

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I love all smells, good and bad ones, but thats because I cant smell anymore so I miss smelling anything lol, but when I could it was, bacon, my moms authentic Italian cooking. matches being lit, gas being pumped, my boyfriend after a long sweaty day at work.

Things I hated were, sewage, burning orange rines (ppl that live in FL you know what im talking about). almonds, apricots

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Love: smell of cash money!
Hate: smell of bills!

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Love: Freshly laundered clothes, wet paint on walls, bread in the oven, lavender, frying onions, books, my Body Shop lip balm, my boyfriend’s t-shirts, L’oreal Kids shampoo (if anyone knows what I’m talking about), and the smell of really fresh, clean air.

Hate: Airplanes, cigar smoke/cigarette smoke/smoke of any kind.

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@xxii “smell of L’oreal Kids Shampoo How funny; I have 4 flavors!

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I love and dislike many smells, but what pops into my mind that I love is that wonderful smell of an approaching rainstorm… and one I hate is my cat’s poop, bless his little heart.

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My boyfriend
Bacon curing in a barn
Pumpkin pie baking (apple too)
Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume
Baby lotion
Dreft detergent

Cigarette smoke
Cat spray
Stargazer lilies

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Love:Smell of Apple pie
Hate: Stinky feet

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newly mown grass
the air outside after a summer rainstorm
freshly sawn wood
saddles, saddlesoap and warm horses (nostalgia)
fresh bread

rotten veg, in fact rotten anything
my dog’s poop
overdone perfume
diesel fumes
the stink that comes off a brewery when they’re malting

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I love the smell of my farts.

But who doesn’t.

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Love : My kids right after bathtime – Inside of a brand new car – Coffee – The wife’s parfum :¬)
Hate : Freshly laid tarmac – Hamster shit – A rednecks jock strap :¬(

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Love: Roses, scented candles, potpourri, my cat’s fur, pine trees, my boyfriend, vanilla, chimney smoke, fresh baked bread, Mexican restaurants, etc. I could go on and on…

Hate: Garbage, eggs, hard boiled eggs, tuna (and seafood in general), skunk, tobacco, wet dog, the dishwasher before running it, etc.

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I love tea tree oil, lavender, and almond extract.
I dislike skunks, fish, burnt rubber, a blown up engine, the vacuum when a belt breaks, and damp basements.

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Haven’t smoked in 23 years and I still like the smell of a burning cigarette. Really liked doing it.

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@ucme I like how you specified redneck jockstrap.

@nellybar To me a cigar smells quite a bit different than cigarettes.

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@FutureMemory Yeah I was kind of going with the toothless fucker on Deliverance. Particularly pungent I would have thought.

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Love: Fresh cut grass, roses, coconut, wine, burning wood
Hate: Vanilla, most perfumes/colognes, vinegar

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Love: Pumpkin spice, baking bread/cookies, freshly cut grass, sandalwood, cedar

Hate: Fish, gasoline, musty smells, most vanilla, nail polish

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Love- warm bread

Hate- vinegar anything

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Love – Crayola crayons, puppies’ paws, gun oil, cut grass, Grammy’s attic

Hate – fresh dog poo

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Hate- the wet food my mom’s cat eats smells like the turned inside out stomach of a dead monkey.

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