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How do you feel when you get letters in the mail?

Asked by shrubbery (10236points) June 6th, 2008

Or postcards, or mail in general that isn’t bills or advertisements? I know it makes my day or week or month even depending on what it is, as I so rarely get letters these days what with e-mail and the rest of the internent being so accessible, and being able to call all over the world and being able to text all your friends. Ooh and don’t even get me started on parcels! :D

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I forgot to say that I recieved a postcard from Scotland today which is the best thing that’s happened to me in the last month or so. Does that say something about my life or does it say something about the Power of Post? :P

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As long as it’s not bills then I am ecstatic!

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i realy like getting mail, i like it even better when it’s something i orderd, then i go YAY! and tear it open and… i think it’s time to order something online right now, maybe a transformer

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I usually panic to be honest. Everyone that knows me emails me or rings me. Anytime I get a letter I always assume I’ve done something wrong and am about to get done for it.
I think I might have issues

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I like it. I enjoy going out to the mailbox…it’s kind of like Christmas morning, every day.

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i love getting any thing that isnt junk mail or stuff from school

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The only mail I get tends to be expected, usually something from Amazon but I still find that interesting :) the only main mail I get besides that are bank statements and maybe the odd education based thing.

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Love it :)

I also want mail from Scotland! ;-)

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Makes me think either “Who had a baby this time?” or “Is it x-mas again already?”

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I ♥ getting packages! Everytime I see a ups or fedex truck I think “please be for me!”

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this is funny. I absolutly hate checking the mail. My husband says I have a phobia. Everytime I have to check the mail I freak out. Like anxiety.

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no mail is good mail. noone sends me letters except collection agencies.

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I wonder if this is one of those glass half full/half empty personality types…love checking the mail/hate checking the mail.

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I have a dear internet friend that send me cheerful cars and letters all the time. I love getting them from her. It brightens my day. I send her stuff too. We also exchange seasonal gifts. My daughter does the same with one of her internet friends. she recieved a gift from her for Christmas in a very pretty box. she used that box to send me a birthday gift, and I used it to send my friend in Oregon an Easter gift. We are going to see how many places we can send the box to, just for fun.

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@scamp – cards you mean, I hope? ;-)

Anyway, that’s really cool :)

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@Vincentt ooops! Sorry for all the typos, I have to type and run while I’m at work. thanks for pointing that out. But it sure would be cool if she was sending me cars, wouldn’t it?

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That would be a very generous friend :)

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You’re right! She has been pretty generous so far. She sends me money from time to time, but I don’t think she would ever send a car!!

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Money? For birthdays or just without reason? :)

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It is soooo cool. But I feel bad as I can’t write (physically) very well so i type my reply.

Luckely or not I have not had to worry about that for a long time. Except for those “it has been a wonderful year for the Schlotke clan. Little Janie finally produced dark matter as we knew she would…” christmas letters.

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I go to the mail box only because I have to. Hoping to never find anything. Mail and Faxes should all die a very quick painful death. Killing a tree doesn’t make it any more special and is a lot less convienent then reading it on a phone or a computer.

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