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What was the best conversation you ever had?

Asked by zweinz (63points) August 24th, 2010

And what makes/defines a great conversation?

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It wasn’t one great conversation, but it was a few people telling me over time that they expect more of me because they want to see me succeed because they feel I’m a good person. It was great because I wasn’t aware that so many people felt this way about me and it motivated me to take steps to do something positive in my life, not that I wasn’t before, but I just wasn’t doing enough. It is really good to know that people think you’re a good person and want good things for you, I guess it gives you more of a purpose in life or something.

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In my senior year Art History class, after the first semester ended, five students in our class earned an A+ and one of those students was me. It was the first time I felt as though I truly earned a grade of that caliber. During Ceramics later in the day, he told me that I was an excellent student and to thank my parents for raising me well. I began to tear up. As the class drew to a close, I just kept crying (because I was happy!) and everyone thought something bad had happened and worried about me.

My professor pulled me aside to the back of the room out of concern. He wanted to know whether he was the first teacher who had ever told me that I was an excellent student. (The answer was yes but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.) He talked to me about my self-esteem and said, “I have more faith in you than you do. That has to change.”

It did. I felt like a new person after that.

Another memorable conversation was with my best friend the day his father died. That’s too personal. I can’t post it here.

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The one I had with my dad a few months before he died was one of the best I ever had.
It was a gift,really :)

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It’s hard for me to say because I make a living from engaging in conversations (verbal and non-verbal). I can say that some of the most memorable conversations that I have had have been while witnessing human resilency and experiencing connection. Not memorable in the sense that I can remember every word, or even the topic for that matter; memorable in the sense that I remember seeing their light shine. I expreienced the essense of humanity.

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Some of the deepest conversations I’ve had in recent years were with other members of an outstanding global organization I belong to called The Mankind Project, the somewhat melodramatic slogan of which is “Changing the world one man at a time. More here.

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Many of these conversations had to do with probing deep into the past, trying to understand how we got to be the men we are.

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The last one I had with either of my sons. Their enthusiasm and wonderment at the world around them is the most rewarding part of my life. I never get tired of their questions.

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I’ve had many great conversations, I thrive on them. I remember one incredible conversation I had with a best friend when we both realized our ‘plans for life’ didn’t work out and we were happy.

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Believe it or not, it was with a homeless person. he possessed a Masters Degree in music and was an accomplished piano player. why was he homeless? he stated he was caught with another woman and his wife sued and took all his worldly possessions. this included their three children. he further stated that he just gave up on life and hit the streets as a homeless person. this man was very intelligent. he told me about being a pianist in the symphony in his home town. once his adultery was discovered, he was too ashamed to play before the public ever again. i thought this was a shame for this mans talent to be wasted. but, when you commit the sin, you have to pay the piper and he is paying now. i had this interview with this person four years ago, under a bridge in my hometown. i am sure he has drifted to some other city. i learned a lot from this person. such a waste.

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Probably one that I had with an old flame a few years ago, when he first expressed romantic inclinations, I was pretty much walking on air for a while :D He was the first guy to show interest in me, so it was a big deal.
Vuhnessuh and I also just had a pretty fantastic convo, lololol

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I would spend all night talking on the phone and not realize it till I saw daylight with my husband. We would talk about anything and everything. I miss those converations. Life just gets too busy it seems. He does not woo me on the phone anymore.

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