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What makes your spirit soar?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32288points) October 13th, 2010

Being alive is a glorious thing at times and a chore at others. Do scientific advances excite you? Does a great song send you into tears? Maybe it’s great art?

What makes you feel alive?

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Straight talk, conclusions drawn from logic.

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an awesome lap dance.

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Good music, some scientific advances, like what’s happening in the green technology right now. I listen to stuff like this and it gets me in a great mood. It’s ironic the song is called that.

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Mother Nature!Good music,good art and good friends! There is alot out there :)

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Good friends and great weather.

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@ChazMaz What about helicopters?? :)

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Well, those good friends are at the field flying.

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Great music, weather and sermons!

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Strapping a firework to a bottle of vodka & whoooshhhh!! Hang on a minute, this question deserves better than that & after all, it’s asked by the Aloha dude :¬) So here’s my genuine answer. What makes my spirit soar? My kids & god dammit, life itself!! There…that better :¬)

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@ChazMaz—In the little helicopters??

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Seeing the beauty of the planet. Excellent music.

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Watching those mine workers being brought up the shaft to freedom.

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Being on top of a hill or mountain works for me.

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Seeing my kids and friends smile is number one for me. A great day in the outdoors is a massive feel good. And days like yesterday and today to see man triumph against all odds, like yanking those Chilean miners out of the ground, does it for me too!

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Feeling loved
Good Theatre/Opera
Powerful music
Galloping on a horse
Being in my favourite places or discovering new favourite places

Seaofclouds's avatar

My family and friends
Great conversations with great people
Reading a good book
Really helping my patients

aprilsimnel's avatar

Seeing children at play
Participating in a sing-a-long
Being in nature, especially in mountainous and ocean areas

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To help a person or animal in need. nothing better needed to lift my spirits.

xxii's avatar

Really fresh, crisp air.

CMaz's avatar

Good Mexican food.

OpryLeigh's avatar

@xxii I agree. Where I live (South of England) we have started to experience more “crisp” wintery weather after a fairly mild and wet summer. I love it!

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Well, I do tend to ride on the backs of seagulls, whenever I see them in flight.
And “soar” along with them.

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Music and sex. Food, and a kind word. Especially from the kids.

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Music, acting, and a huge gust of wind

picante's avatar

Being with people I love. Laughter. Windfalls of any kind (and money is happily accepted).

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Red Bull? It’s just a theory currently being promulgated.

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Seeing a dog released from living on a chain into a fenced area that I helped to build this weekend was a pretty nice feeling.
(This weekend’s project hasn’t been edited and uploaded yet.)

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@syz : What a fantastic video! Thank you for that and for your volunteering with them.

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Good music and art definitely does. Pines of Rome by Respighi is the most spirit-soaring music I’ve ever heard (and I just listened to several recordings of it today). Music inspired by pine trees ftw. I think it relates to my love of nature, of course. Being in the outdoors can make me feel that way as well.

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When someone tries to harm an animal for no reason and the animal turns things around and teaches the person a lesson It makes me happy.

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When I get a A+ on my midterm!
(i just did about an hour ago)


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People that are nice to everyone!

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I’m a staunch member of the church of nature.

I purposely live in a beautiful area that constantly gives moments of spirit soaring joy for just being alive with eyes to see. ;-)

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Seeing my dog run as fast as she can. It is the physical embodiment of joy.

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Gold stars in kindergarten. Views like from the bow of a boat. Successfully helping someone. Sharing good food.

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@Carly Way to go!

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thank you :)

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Last miner safe…dramatic chileans…lol..5k lurve…

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Good news

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My mate, my dogs and me back in civilization. My spirit couldn’t soar much higher!

@syz – that is the happiest video but it brought a tear to my eye as well. I loved it, thanks for sharing.

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@Ltryptophan yes, that was “pretty dang” special stuff!

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Chatting with someone that doesn’t make smug, ignorant smart ass remarks because they actually know how Libertarianism works.

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oh, when I get a lovely text massage, or somebody tells me something restorative, I feel some butterflies inside of me. it’s a strange warmth filling me suddenly. It seems to be my spirit soaring

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Being within 10 feet of my love…

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