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What was the last long journey you made?

Asked by flutherother (29468points) October 14th, 2010

Where were you going and did anything interesting happen on the way?

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I flew to Sweden in August. I was escorted at every arrival and departure by an attendant with a wheel chair. At one stop over, the plane was delayed, causing a connection to have to be changed, but it all worked out in the end.

The flights were broken up in two nearly even stretches, with a short hop from Norway to Sweden and back. It was as relatively pleasant as possible. I am only 5’1” and had no seat mate on four of the six planes. I took my own food on board. The people on one stretch were envious of my pizza.

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Wisconsin to California, or is Wisconsin to Florida farther. by car. Broke down along the way. The highway patrol paid for a room and gave us certificates for food. Now that was nice. It is some stranded program they have there. My adopted grandma wired some money for a part and we were on our way again.

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In July I flew from back to England from Australia with my partner and our six-month old baby. A thirty-two hour journey door to door, three flights all over seven hours, bugger-all sleep and a very unhappy baby – not something I’d hurry to repeat.

At least we knew we were travelling with a baby, the poor saps in the rows behind us didn’t until they got on the plane, but they sure as hell knew about it for the next few hours…

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@meiosis Oh, you have my sympathy. A couple on one 8 hour leg of my trip were traveling with three toddlers, and the dad had to walk the youngest for three solid hours in the aisle.

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I am presently 2400 miles away from home.

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The last was a trip from central US to England for month in Dec.- Jan. On the way over, the lovely young woman next to me told me that she and her fiancé had been in the states to train for the Olympics, and she was heading home for the holidays.

On the way back,the man seated behind me kept kicking the chair whenever I attempted to tilt it back. Upon turning around to look at him, he glared and asked how I expected him to be comfortable with his long legs in such a tight spot. I left the chair upright, popped a Tylenol PM, and had a lovely rest.

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The last long journey I made was from Hawaii to Mongolia and back. I was there about two weeks. The travel there was the usual international hiccups.

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Loll.. Iowa in the dead of winter. My s/o’s dad was sick. It was worth it… When we left there it was -3! Wind chills factor -20F!

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@YARNLADY Ouch! I think a toddler has the potential to be far worse than a baby on a long-haul flight. We’ll be holidaying at home for the next few years I reckon…

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Flew from London to America where we spent a week driving around LA, San Francisco, through Death Valley to Vegas. Our longest drive during the week was 8 hours. Best trip EVER!

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I flew back from South Africa to NYC. It was good times being pregnant on a flight over 20 hours.

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Last time when I went to Zambia in 2007 I think….
It was about 12½ hour flight!
Nothing much really happened except that I was sleeping all the time.

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From Phoenix to China was my farthest trip, spent a week in Bejing on business. Absolutely loved it, even wanted to move there for a few years as an ex-pat but couldn’t get my company to go for it.. The people were lovely, and I’ll never forget walking a few steps up to the Great Wall one chilly morning. Those steps are steep and wide… you’ve got to be in better shape than I was to climb very high.

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Colorado to Yellowstone, then Utah, Arizona, up to San Francisco, to Yosemite, to Utah, back to Colorado. Over the course of 5 weeks. Last 2 weeks were with an untreated broken foot. And a little bit less eventful than the first 3 weeks. But I never did get sick of my travel partner :) It was pure joy. I didn’t even really mind the broken foot. And no podunk little town in the middle of the desert ever got any less exciting, either.

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I flew to Texas from Hawaii to be present for the father’s 80th birthday. I was able to reconnect with old friends and had a great time celebrating with my family.

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I walked to the fridge Tuesday—almost tripped over the cat.

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We were headed up to Massachusetts—about 7 hours according to google maps—to catch the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. We had made the ferry reservation six months in advance. If you miss the ferry, you miss your vacation.

I left nine hours to make the trip. Two hours into it, our car stopped and wouldn’t go.

That was interesting.

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Not counting a 5 hour flight from Manchester to New York in 1999, I’ve never been on a journey that Americans would consider long. The longest road trip I’ve ever done was about 6 hours and it was only that long because we were stuck in gridlock traffic for two hours.

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Flying back to the UK from NZ after living there for 12months (that was on 2007!!)

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Business trip to Toronto from the southwestern part of the US.

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Sydney- Santiago- Lima- Cusco- Juliaca- Lima- Buenos Aires- Sydney, in two weeks. Very busy, but fantastic time.

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