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Congratulations, you are now a music superstar! What is your band name/stage name/group name?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) October 14th, 2010

I came up with a group name once for a group of female violinists, once… it was “Pluck My E-String”. Pretty clever, huh?

How about you? What would your group, title, band, or whatever be called?

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Chelsea LaSalle.

OMG so clever, I know!

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Frank’s For the Mammaries

We’d really bust a groove :¬)

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“Richard Swanging and the Fluthoids”

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Stuffed Triggers

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@Austinlad Roy Rogers would be turning in his grave! Horse taxidermy, hmm interesting thought.

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In 7th or 8th grade, for a creative writing class, I came up with the band “Mantis”. I think it sounds pretty cool.

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removed by me

Whoops – apparently they already exist. Ah well.

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My band was called “The Suns of Tyme”.

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YoBob and the Psychedelic Rednecks.

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Hot Sauce

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Flaming Otter Parachute

Back in the day when I was still in the music business, we had many stupid names. I did like one of them though. “Sixteen Millimeter Shrine” (taken from the Twilight Zone episode). We figured no one else would ever use that. Much to my surprise years later, someone did. We were there first though. :)

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Sticky Barbecue Pants

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@erichw1504 That’s awesome. Sticky Barbecue Pants and Flaming Otter Parachute must play a double bill

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Actually, I think a user name here would make a great band name: jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities

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Lucy Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble…hmmmm XD

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When I was in grade 10, a friend and I realized that we are horrible singers.
Therefore we formed a screamo band called “Blue Noise”.

That was a really weird phase in my life.

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Hilarious. I was going to ask much the same question.

The Awesome Patrol. That’s mine.

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@diavolobella Why don’t we just make it a full blown tour?

The Flaming Sticky Tour


Flaming Otter Parachute
~ & ~
Sticky Barbecue Pants

Oct 23rd – Dec 14th

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@erichw1504 I’m in. We could also collaborate on a hit single “Hey Sexy Ladaay (Wearin’ Sticky Barbecue Covered Otter Fur Parachute Pants.. of Love)

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@diavolobella As well as “When I Used my Barbecue Pants as a Parachute and it went up in Flames”.

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Well, considering I’ve been actually trying to make a career in music since I was 15 I’ve had quite some time to try to think up band names… Here’s just a few.

Fuel (yes I thought of that before that band got popular)
Downfall (A band I was in back in AZ)
The Wicked
and the End Begins
Fallen Before You

…and of course my Stage Name would be Axe, well, it kind of is, lol.

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The name of our band (me and the boyz) is the Rug-Burners…so I would be Cruiser and the Rug-Burners! Autograph line forms on the left!

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The Once in a Lifetimes

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Empire String Quartet

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Can I open on the Flaming Sticky Tour?

I think some “acid country” would pair well with flaming otters and BBQ.

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@YoBob Yes sir you may!

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“The Hoddy Toddy Band!”

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The Bean & Beef Burritos

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@erichw1504 is that a band name or an instrument?

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@YoBob and @erichw1504 Ooh, with this many bands, we may have to expand from a tour to a festival. Flamingstickstock or Barbachuteapalooza

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@diavolobella Great idea, how about Psychedelicflamingstickypalooza?

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Pacific Rimjob.

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The Pie Eaters.

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The Taco Stackers

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Dr. Jelly and the Fluther Mothers and Brothers

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The Elephant Moon Disaster

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The Extremers

erichw1504's avatar

The Chocolate Cake Disaster

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“Great Southern Toilet Disturbance”

and their opening band “The Backsplashers”

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The Folding Folders

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@erichw1504 Opening act for The Folding Folders is the Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious! LOL

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@diavolobella And touring with the Folding Folders is the Funny Funnies.

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Whiskey Dick and the Courtesy Flushers.

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“The Flying Fux” or has someone got that one already?

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Liz Renee

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Hehe mine would have to be Peter And The Bongos XD It would consist if a rainmaker and some “bongos”

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