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What are some of the funniest misspellings or misprints you've ever seen in a print ad, article or on a sign?

Asked by diavolobella (7925points) October 14th, 2010

Every once in a while I will run across a misspelling or misprint that is hilarious. It might be in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication or on a billboard or sign. Sometimes I find them on product packaging. It’s especially funny when it gives the message a meaning that was definitely never intended. The following three are some I’ve seen in my local newspaper:

“Pet hamster $500” (For that price, it had better do dishes)
“Wedding dress for sale, size 10, worn once by mistake.”

My favorite recent one was on a small sign placed in the elevator at my parking garage. It read “Pubic Square, Level One.” When they fixed it, I was a little disappointed.

Please share yours. (Note: I’m asking for ads, signs, and things you’ve seen in print media, not mistakes made here by other Jellies. That would be mean)

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I’m a big fan of The name is a bit NSFW, but it’s a hilarious concept – poorly translated/misspelled instructions.

Then there’s all of the various misspellings, etc., that one finds on

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There used to be a tire dealership named Mark C. Bloome.

There was one occasion where the second “o” in the neon sign was burnt out.
At night it looked like the sign was a request from the dealership to Mark C. for a Blo job.

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I honestly saw this sign until they removed it at a local hardware store that sells war surplus things. Bring your wife in and we will dicker.

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@Brian1946 That made me laugh out loud. People in my office are going to think I’m nuts.

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Sign on the interstate says for a Toe truck call 1–800-xxx-xxxx. Funny thing was, when they fixed the sign and their business dropped over 50% so they quickly unfixed it.

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All of these are great. I love to laugh.

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This is for real. How about when they asked President Bush about Euthanasia in the world and his response was. I’m not concerned about the Youth in Asia but those in America. I’m not quoting it exactly but that is the jest of his boo boo.

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Once I got a fax from the “Cunty Attorney” she was kinda a bitch, so we all had a giggle
At a wedding we got directions to “the conception” following the ceremony”. Niiiiice…..

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In advertising real estate, we always had problems with “wrap-around dick”, “great view from the dick”, huge redwood dick off the Master”, “fabulous dick for outdoor lovers”
But the one that made me laugh most was (on a foreclosed ranch) “360 irritated acres”.

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“In the original version of her blog post about HIV-positive black gay men last Friday, Hess reported that “one in three black men who have sex with me is HIV positive.” She meant to say “one in three black men who have sex with men.” Oops.”


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This picture is not altered in any way. This was a video store a block away from my house. They closed when I was about 16.

Aptly, they did have a “back room” that I wasn’t allowed in. ^_^

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Those Vietnamese noodle places sell “pho,” which is pronounced “fuh”. They are everywhere, but usually have weird names like “Pho 79” or “Pho 120” (weird because I don’t know why). They also all have nearly identical menus, like they have a consortium periodically to agree on new additions.

Anyways, there’s one called Pho King 2.

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^ That reminds me!

When I was a secretary, I was going through the mail and had to stamp in a copy of “Planning Magazine”. The front cover photo was a gorgeously designed building with a Chinese restaurant on the bottom floor.

The sign?

Fu King Chinese Food

Yes, in a national magazine.

Aaand, one more.

1631 England, Robert Barker and Martin Lucas invested nearly every penny to their name to printing a thousand King James version Bibles.

A typesetting error omitted one word, making the Seventh Commandment “Thou Shalt Commit Adultery.”

The King ordered all of “The Wicked Bibles” recalled and destroyed, and fined the printers 300 Pounds (an enormous sum at the time), and revoked their printers’ licenses. I seem to recall hearing one of the two died in debtor’s prison.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Wow. That’s a very unfortunate font choice. You’d think someone would have noticed in the planning stages.

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That place stayed open for ten years, at least. It was kind of a running joke among locals. “Heading out to Megafucks… they’ve got a two-for-one special!”

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Those places frequently have bad spellings. A Chinese place by my house just put up a brand new sign that says “Thousand of Woks”

My wife once saw poorly translated instructions for a pair of rollerskates that said “Don’t use for moonwalking or walking in the tricky condition.”

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I wish I had a picture, but in Denver we had a chiropractor clinic with Dr. Kil and Dr. Baca.. terrible font, it read “Kil da Baca”

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Hey, I live in Denver too!

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A few bulbs burnt out in a sign at my local Stop and Rob indicated that the Otter (lottery) was up to $1,000,000, which is a lot to pay for an otter in my opinion.

I also love Road St. in Wolverine, MI. Someone clearly ran out of clever street names at that point.

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@cockswain So you know that sign? Also then, you must know of “Beaver Liquors” and “Dam Liquor – best liquor store by a dam site!-

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I have a buddy with the Beaver Liquors hat. Classy.

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You all are killing me!

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No Smoking Aloud

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You see a lot of ads on Ebay for dresses that are covered in “sequence.” Ummmm….no.

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YSaC is always posting variations on French Provincial

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On a placard outside a restaurant was a notice which read:-

Eat here today, buy one meal get one diner free….. the queue went on for miles LOLL!!

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