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Have you ever mistaken musicians for the wrong band?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24616points) December 11th, 2021

For example:

For the longest time I thought that Elton John was one of the Beatles.

Have you made a similar mistake?

Humor welcome.

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I thought Madonna was in Super Tramp.

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Ever? Not knowing who is in what band, or what band created what song, is my normal for most music (particularly pop, and especially modern musicians, most of whom I don’t even know whether a celeb name I’ve heard is a pop musician or an actor), and even some music I quite like.

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Yes. The Oak Ridge Brothers and the Statler Boys.
(I don’t listen to country.)

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For awhile I was wondering if the Blue Oyster Cult had changed their name to the Cult in the 80’s, but thankfully I was wrong; they’re two different bands.

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<———thought Madonna was a Super Tramp. 8o(

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Never. I know my musicians and their work.

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