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What is the funniest word your child made up?

Asked by Supacase (14533points) November 2nd, 2009

I am constantly surprised by words that come out of my daughter’s mouth. Most of them are because she can’t pronounce the real word, but others are just random creations.

The cutest had to be saying “dubby” for the letter “W” when she was learning the alphabet. Or maybe “supacase” instead of “suitcase” when she would roll her little tiger suitcase around.

The funniest is very recent and she’s cracking me up with it. The word is “sexerating,” which I have figured out is supposed to be “exasperating.”

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Well, I don’t have a child, but my favorite word that I made up was ‘opportunisticality’. the act of taking opportune of opportunistic situations. xD

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LOL sexerating

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With three kids, I have so many. :) Some of my favorites:

When my daughter was a toddler and starting to count, she’d go “Fifteen, sixteen, eleventeen, eighteen…” We still use the word “eleventeen” to mean “some unknown number.”

She also used to say “hippomuspottomus,” as if the right word didn’t have enough syllables in it.

My first son garbled all of his words until he was 2½. Hardly anyone could understand him. The cutest was what he called his sister. Her name is Lauren, but he called her “No No.” Yeah, we still call her that sometimes.

My four year old has also come up with some good ones. For some reason, he still can’t remember that a wart is called a wart. He calls it a “group.” He’ll say, “Daddy, why do you have a group on your finger?” So we all say group. When he was a toddler, he went through a phase where he was obsessed with the movie “Cars.” He never called it Cars, but called it “Car king kachow.”

I’m sure I’ll think of ten more once I go to bed tonight. Thanks for asking, it’s fun to remember these silly things!

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My grandson points and grunts. His mom says to use his words. He just looks at her and says “words”.

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While working with her papa in the workshop my 4yr old says “Oh papa i gotta go inside, i’m hotbreathin”
My other child’s word for peanut m&m was neemas.

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For the Wonderpets, their song is “whats gonna work? teamwork!” and my son sings it but used to say “weeework!” it was so cute.
He says things so funny sometimes, like cheeseburger, he enunciates the “ger” part, but says cheese burGAR? it’s hard to describe, but it’s hysterical.
It’s crazy, I’m with him all day but I’m the worst at remember these sorts of things.

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My niece called my brother-in-law (her dad) goomba, instead of dad. And he called her goomba too. It was pretty cute.

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In my household nutmeg has become “edna” (don’t ask).

Sesame noodles are “essamy noo-noo”

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oh, that reminds me..

my mother calls my son Casheroo, and he took it to mean her name was that for some reason and began calling her RooRoo, so it’s just stuck. He also refers to me as DeeDee..he has since he was just beginning to talk. He knows I’m “mommy” but my husband encourages DeeDee because he thinks it’s cute.

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@MissAusten She does “eleventeen” too! Hers was “ten, eleventeen, one hundred!” but now that she can count higher it just creeps in randomly when she loses her place.

“Car king kachow” is a great one!!

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My daughter, when very little, wanted, in the winter, to wear her “glubs.”

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My little brother used to say “crunk” instead of “trunk.” The best part of this one is that my mom sometimes still uses it (almost 20 years later!), and I’ve had to explain what it really means many times in an attempt to get her to stop using it in public. Now whenever she uses it in my presence she says “Oh, right, I’m not supposed to say that… what does ‘crunk’ mean again?” :D

My brother actually had a lot of gems. He liked to add syllables… Hamburgers were “ham-a-burgers” and oatmeal was oat-me-meal. Wish I remembered more of them!

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While I was at a friends house one day, her daughter was showing off by acting like various animals and making us guess what she was.

She grabbed a few pillows and started twirling on the spot moving her arms and the pillows up and down (like an octopus).

We were stumped at the time and said “What are you?” and she said…
“I’m a Octa-cock”. I was laughing hysterically for like 20 minutes after that! :D

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i don’t have kidz….but when i was little i used to call squirrels Skweezdles….lol…my mom says that every time she sees a squirrl now and has even got my baby sister saying it…lol

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This is why I’m glad my parents are not on here because they could come up with a million embarrassing made-up words and renderings of real words that I came up with when I was little. The worst is probably “poons” for “spoon” and “ecadedoon” for “air conditioner”. (As a kid I was very interested in electric appliances, as I still am today). The weirdest is definitely “ta” for “vacuum cleaner”. That doesn’t even make sense. :P

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My little brother was “doo.”

My mother thinks its becasue my father used to sing “Camptown Races” a lot (doodah, doodah), I think its because I had an insight into his true nature… and maybe the frequent contents of his diapers.

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No kids, but I was an aggressive nomenclaturist as a child. The one that’s stuck around is my word for umbrella – ‘underbrella’ – and is still used almost regularly by my immediate family.

When speaking to my mother I also used the Spanish ‘mucho’ as a synecdochic rendering of ‘te amo mucho’ / ‘I love you a lot’.

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My granddaughter saw a label on something once that said “Taiwan.” She called it “Ti-wanny” we just cracked up.

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My siblings had some cute ones.

My little sister used to call pennies “tuppens”. This is from Mary Poppins if you have ever seen the movie. Not only did she call them ‘tuppens’ but she loved getting them.

When my little brother was young the song “gangstas paradise” was very popular. It is a rap song. The lyrics are ‘been spending most our lives living in a gangstas paradise’. My brother would say ‘been spending most our lives ensena sena’. Still have no idea what that was supposed to mean. He got pretty pissed when we told him he was wrong, he just loved singing it as a tot.

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She generally spoke properly from quite a young age (English at 1, Greek at 2, German and Polish at 3+) but the one funny thing she’d always do was use the plural ”-s” for adjectives. So it would be “2 reds balls” in English or similarly “kounies belles” (swings) in Greek (which in that particular phrase won’t take the adjective at all, let alone the -s).

She also loved ducks so she’d make words like “ducker” and “ducklington”. Which didn’t mean anything.

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When my boyfriend sat too close my 2 year old son would get between us and say “gootch, gootch” (meaning scoot).

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No kids but I babysit 2 children a few times a week. The cutest and most random thing the little girl (5 yrs old) has ever said was “How come you and AJ (my fiancĂ©) haven’t made any babies yet?” My jaw dropped to the floor. But it was adorable how seriously she took herself.

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Here are some of our family favorites, from my three girls:

Computer = Pacuter

Delicious + Yummy = Delicium (dah lish ee yum)

Circular is to circle as Squareular is to square

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Was just reminded of some non-PG ones.
Percy= Pussy (percy is a train)
he outgrew them all, thankfully.

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It’s been a long time, but one of mine used to like saying “automagic”. That one stuck with the family and sometimes I still say it for fun.

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my husband pronounces ecstasy “eskasee.” He’s also said “Smithmisonian.”

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@DominicX it’s good to know that I’m not the only one with poon in my vocabulary. But my cousin, when she was learning how to talk, she called me “on on”. But my friends little sister, called robins aki-bobbins, which means ugly robin

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There exist some cookies called Galletas Marias. My little brother couldn’t pronounce or understand much spanish when he was little, and dubbed them Yakedi-Mias (pronounced yahkiddy-meeahs). I still crack up just thinking about it. He’s 16 now, but still calls them that.

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When my siblings and I were kids, we made up- no, we messed up words. I still remember when we were sitting at the dining table watching TV and my brother wanted to turn the volume down. He started going, “Turn down the voiloom! Turn down the voiloom!” I started cracking up and unfortunately that only made him madder. He started jumping up and down shouting “Lower it up! Lower it up!” As you can guess, that only made the rest of us go into hysterics.

We did get it down eventually, but I think he was sore for quite some time after that.

Another time on a road trip to New York we were having one of those in-the-car conversations when my sister asked for bubblegum. Except she called it “Bum-dee-gum”. We still occasionally bring that up just for laughs.

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Another thought…when our oldest granddaughter was a toddler, she couldn’t say ‘grandpa’, so she called hubby ‘pong’. (?) She STILL calls him that, 18 years later.

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These are all so funny!

I remembered a couple more, of course. One night we were sitting at the dinner table, and my daughter (she was six at the time), said, “Mom, I think I’m a little bit psycho.” My husband and I were cracking up, even when we figured out she meant to say psychic.

For a long time, my youngest son couldn’t remember the word umbrella. He’d say “gorilla.” Whenever it was raining, he’d remind me to get the gorilla out of the closet. He also had one word for both hotdogs and hamburgers. He called them “hotboogers.” That one stuck. We eat a lot of hotboogers in the summer!

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@MissAusten that reminds me of one that our grandson said when he was real little. It was the 4th of July & he said he was going to watch “fire cookies”. He got it mixed up with fire crackers, LOL. We still call them fire cookies.

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My sister used to get her “mords wixed” all the time.

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Yesterday, I told my 2 year old grandson to behave or he would go on time out. He said “I hav, grandma, I hav”.

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These are great!!

@Jack79 My daughter has spoken very clearly and well from an early age – that makes the few silly ones that much funnier! :)

@casheroo You just reminded me that for a long time Fork = Fuck. That was fun (for me anyway LOL) at meals with my husbands very uptight religious family.

@augustlan Love, love, love Delicium!!

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My three year old daughter, called butterflies, “flufferfies”

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My grandson (age 3) just met his cousin William for the first time, and he thinks his name is Million.

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My daughter, when little, called ’ Burritos’ ‘Bobo’s’ and her blanket ’ me me’.

Whenever I make my killer veggie Burritos to this day, ( she is 22 ) I’ll invite her over for ‘Bobos.’

When she was about 8 and memorizing spelling words that had to be used in a sentence, I checked her homework and she had used the the word ‘hygiene’ in a sentence that read ’ I am hygiene!’ lol

Another was the word ‘fray’...used in ’ I frayed out on my bed.’ lol

Recently we went through boxes of schoolwork and laughed for hours at some of her drawings and stories. Very fun!

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When my daughter was a toddler, she loved to look at magnolia trees. We’d point them out whenever we saw one. One morning, we were driving down the street and she saw a magnolia tree. She said, “Look, a granola tree!!”

We still call them granola trees.

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Too many to choose just one!

When my daughter had her second son she named him “Blake.” Blake’s older brother (age 3) called him “Blank” for the first few days!

My granddaughter used to use the word ‘Lizard’ instead of ‘loser.’ She was having a moan session for herself and she kept moaning, “Everyone thinks I’m a lizard!”

Same granddaughter came up with the word “Squirrid” for ‘squirrel,” and ‘squirrid’ is what they are to this day!

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My grandaughter who can’t go swimming without her “baby soup”. Bathing suit.

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I was just thinking of this question this morning! My youngest, who is now five, has always been a good talker. He’s usually very clear, but his few mispronunciations are great:

He calls my husband’s studio “the steedio.”

When we see a movie, we go to the “movie feetie-erf.”

His favorite Star Wars characters are Bubble Fat, Jingle Fat, and Kenobi One Kenobie.

We all use these words just to make them last longer. It will be sad when he outgrows them. :(

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I just remembered this! My son has always, always had a fascination with snakes (he has boas at his house now.) When he was about five we were at a nature trail, on a bridge, looking into the water, when we saw a long black water snake sunning on a log. My son considers this snake very carefully, then with absolute seriousness says, “That’s a bull-crapper, snapper, stumper snake, and that is a very dangerous kind of snake.” I rolled. But he was serious! The boy knows his snakes, man!

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When I was a toddler I said “Babo” instead of “animal”
I don’t really know why, but I actually remember myself saying it.

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My niece calls commercials “mershukuls” it is too funny.

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When my older daughter was three she’d see a football game on tv and ask, “are they the Green Bean Packers?”
We were all listening to John Denver on the radio in the car and she said, “Mommy, where is Colorado Rocky Mt High School?”

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I’ve heard is holly-cocker for cockroaches.
Nanas for banana
whenever my son wanted to leave the house he always say “we go”

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