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Do you keep a physical map in your home marking where you've visited?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) October 14th, 2010

My grandparents had one. Red push-pins marked all the places they’d been to, and green marked where they wanted to go.

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Isn’t it a wonderful idea? I used to keep track in an atlas book of where I’ve been by highlighting the cities I’ve been to. My SO and I now use TripAdvisor, but it isn’t quite the same as something visual.

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I don’t, but if there’s a site or application (e.g., Google maps), where I can enter a city or other place that I’ve been to on a map or globe, then I’d like to do that.

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This question reminds me of the movie Mask. He used it for where he was going to go. He never made it though.:( I collect magnet from where I have been.

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Yes, we do, even though we haven’t gone many places! It’s a big color map of the U.S., with capitol cities marked and little pictures on each state to show what that area is known for. My five year old is convinced Spongebob lives in Hawaii because there’s a picture of a pineapple there.

The map is hanging in the kids’ playroom, and was a gift from my sister-in-law. It came with little stickers to mark “Grandma lives here!” or “We live here!” There are also stickers to mark places you’ve visited. We don’t often travel to new places, but when we do, the kids always remind us to mark it on the map. New England is very crowded. I think they were almost as excited to put a sticker on South Carolina as they were to be in South Carolina.

The only drawback to the map is how glaringly obvious it is we don’t travel much…or far.

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I used to but now with sites like it has kind of lost its way.

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I do not do that but I try to collect maps from the places I’ve been.

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No.I know exactly where the fridge is!. XD

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I don’t, but I like the idea. I have one on Facebook.

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For years I kept one in my office marking the local of every sale of a particular product. It was fun and quite telling.

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