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Can you please describe the smartest person you personally know?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4920points) October 15th, 2010

In what way are they smart? How are they different from others? What do they do with their time? Are they successful? Are they happy?

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Sounds insane but both husbands! My ex has two doctorates and the most creative sense of humor ever. He could do stand-up. He is also an accomplished guitarist and past song writer who had a pretty big record in the fifties. He can play jazz guitar and bass quite well.
This one has a broader range of knowledge and can create ceiling beams , lovely ones from scratch and also wainscoting and fireplace surrounds. The guy amazes me. His knowledge of American history and other subjects is impressive too. So yes; they are both successful. Happy is subjective.
One teaches at a college part time and does forensic work; one plays golf and duplicate bridge. lol

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He is educated and has excellent social skills.I’d describe him as a confident,tough person who does not feel the need to brag about his intelligence,social status or accomplishments.He doesn’t look to others for happiness,he just is.
Not much can “get to” this person. They handle others very well and are able to speak on many subjects with authority.
When challenged,he is not afraid to speak his mind and can deliver one of the most entertaining smackdowns that I have ever seen .I have also seen this person handle adversity in such a way as to make others feel comfortable.Amazing person that continually blows off invitations to join Mensa :)

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It would have to be my cousin. He attended reputable US universities and received his PhD. from MIT. Today, he is an SVP for a technology company and travels all over the world meeting with other companies to help them identify where they want to be in ~5 years. He then goes back to a fleet of engineers and develops the company’s needs.

Despite his geekiness, he has other talents and interests, including restoring a 300 year old home in Massachusetts and being on the board for several organizations. And, he’s now kinda cool since he grew out of the stage of throwing pillows at our feet when we ran around the house.

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I’m fortunate to have known many very smart and creative people in my time, but I rate the Chief Technology Officer of the business software company I work for the brightest, most tech-savvy man I’ve ever known—not to mention most well-traveled, well-read and articulate. He’s like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs rolled into one. I consider him a huge success, monetarily (he own a big chunk of a company he built from scratch and probably also mentally and spiritually, because I believe he’s doing exactly what he wants to be doing.

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He is 6’ 5”, skinny, bearded, and looks like a combination of Abraham Lincoln and Henry David Thoreau. He is triple majoring in Religion, Political Science, and Philosophy with a 4.0 and he knows more about these subjects than anyone I have ever been exposed to. Even famous scholars I’ve read from and never met.

He can almost instantaneously deconstruct any argument you throw at him about anything, and he lives by his own philosophy, which I can only try to describe as a combination of Gnostic Christianity, Sufism, and ass-kicking, and nobody has ever been able to effectively argue against him. Not even me, and I’m the closest intellectual match to him within my school.

He sleeps on a rattan mat, sold most of his worldly possessions except for some clothes, books, and Pokemon cards. He has memorized large sections of the work of Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Rumi, St. Augustine, and various Indian philosophers. In addition to world religions and philosophy, he is literally an expert on fantasy literature, agriculture, environmental sustainability, logic, and math.

He lives an ascetic life of reading, service to others, hard work, and reading, and I’m proud to say he is one of my best friends.

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She is very smart and very confident both personally and professionally. Her upbeat attitude and ability to not let people take her down a notch speaks to her ability to read and handle people that is most impressive. It is her overall level of intelligence, love of life and sense of humor that makes her stand out. :)

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@Aster, he really is.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That dude does sound pretty impressive. Is he good at sports too? Not that it would diminish him if he isn’t, just wondering.

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@cockswain, he plays ultimate frisbee, football, soccer, and he is incredibly strong, even though he is waifishly thin. I have another friend (his roommate) who is a really good martial artist and MMA fighter. My uber smart friend is the only one of us who can kick his ass.

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@lucillelucillelucille just described my person to a tee. He’s been my best friend for 25 years now. If there’s anyone I can say I know respects me, admires me, forgives me and has unconditional type of love for me then it’s him.

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My friend Jon. We met while working at the same country club in Roanoke. I was front-of-the-house, he was a chef. He and I were, by leaps and bounds, the most intelligent people employed at the club. Once we realized this, we bonded really quickly and would have very interesting conversations over cigarette breaks. We then developed a real friendship over my 2 years working there and would hang out and talk about all sorts of things. My girlfriend at the time was also quite intelligent (she was finishing a PhD in psychology) and she, too, loved Jon, loved hanging out with him and talking about random stuff. It was much-needed intellectual stimulation for us both. I know Jon was glad to have met us, too, in none of us had to ‘dumb down’ and we could keep up with each other.

He’s really just brilliant. He is sharp as a tack, very interested in learning just about anything, and can just as easily deconstruct literature as discuss philosophy, science, or really anything else. There’s no use debating with him because he just kicks my ass.. I’m pretty quick and smart, but not enough to keep up with Jon and win a debate! He also has a wonderfully large vocabulary, which at the time, was as refreshing as a cold glass of water to a man who’s been wandering the desert. If I used big words in Roanoke, people would stare at me like I had three heads.

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She is a woman, very clever and very knowledgeable about almost everything but who doesn’t seem aware that she is clever. She does an ordinary job, lives an ordinary life and I sometimes wonder where she learned everything she knows. She is a tall good looking woman and she is single. I don’t fancy her in case you are wondering but I am full of admiration for her. It is her humility I like.

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He is a massive asshole, but helps you out when you need it, only to sadistically torment you once more until you need assistance or encouragement again. To me he is smart in the manipulative sense, it seems that the manner that he helps others in is that something to his benefit is going to come out of it and more than likely to your discomfort, though the people he helps seem to have no clue that this is going to happen, no matter how many times he does so, maybe its because they consider him to be a friend though he makes it clear that he’s incapable of becoming emotionally attached. However the one thing I really do like about him is that he makes an amazing devil’s advocate in any debate on nearly any topic with his apparent vast bank of knowledge.

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@cockswain no but sometimes I wonder, lol

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He is bright, but has an easy charm and sense of humour. He could be the college prof. you never had, and wish you did. He writes books, but takes the time to answer every newbie’s PM saying I love you – cuz you so smart dude. He’s a great dad, he’s a great friend. He’s an optimist to the very end, and nothing sways him. He suffers fools gladly, for that is what we all are. But he never makes you feel like one. His EQ eqwuals his IQ and it’s probab’y quadruple his shoe size: he’s European so I’m guessing the mid 40’s (times 4).

His name: rhymes with Shmatt Towne.

(I’ve never met him personally, but we’ve been communicating in different ways over the years. Time flies, when you have a good, smart friend online.)

I have several good, smart friends; each has intelligence in his own unique way. Like me, they are imperfect – but then, who isn’t.

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In all seriousness, me.

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@MeinTeil In all seriousness? Got proof?

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You could find some more answers at this similar question

As I said on that one, my husband is one of the smartest people on the planet.

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