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Do you keep ticket stubs?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 15th, 2010

Do you keep ticket stubs from movies, concerts, plays, etc?

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I have in the past. Sometimes I wonder why I do it though because I don’t really do anything with them once I hold on to them.

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Depends on the show.

Run-of-the-mill movie ticket? No.

R.E.M. ticket and autographed backstage pass from when I met them on the 1989 Green Tour? Yes.

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Sporadically. Usually only if I think there will be historic import.

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I used to save them. For movie ticket stubs, I’d write the date and who went. It was fun to look back on them, but have all been tossed in the past year in an effort to purge. And now that you’ve brought up this question, I wish I had saved the stubs from seeing Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger speak at our college campus. I should have tucked them into my yearbook with their photos. Dang.

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I do now. For some reason a change in age birthdays ago brought to my attention life can be cut short and the one I know is the only one proven to be like this so I try to savor all the good parts now. I keep ticket stubs from movies, concerts, venues and stuff where my partner and I have been. Soon I’ll complile a scrapbook (le gasp!) of our mementos we can look over down the line.

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I try and save all my concert tickets. I go to so many concerts its really hard for me to remember what the hell I saw and when so the tickets are a good way for me to look back and remember.

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I have a shoe box and all that stuff I do that has a flyer or ticket or program goes in there. That shoebox used to fill a lot faster than it does now.

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@wundayatta I lost stuff to water and/or fire damage. You know how you keep that box under the bed or up on a shelf for a rainy day? That rain will come and wash it away.

Buy an album, preferably the archival quality type; wait for a rainy day and transfer the stubs, mementos and/or mentos to it.

You’ll thank me. PM is okay.

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No, I used to, but I started feeling like a hoarder with too much stuff, and threw it all out.

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Only for events that have sentimental value (eg. first date, favourite movie, memorable group outing, etc.)

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