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How do you handle stress?

Asked by Rollalong (168points) October 15th, 2010 from iPhone

After many sleepless nights and an endless workload, how do you keep yourself sane? I try to listen to music and take quick ten minute breaks. Any other ideas?

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Exercise.Just do it :)

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@lucillelucillelucille I have gotten out of the habit of exercising, I really need to make time for it. Thanks :)

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Two SAE-A502 power amplifiers running in bridged mono mode at 800 watts each, driving a pair of Ohm I speaker systems, playing Pink Floyd or the 1812 Overture :-p

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I’m not at home to Mr & Mrs Anxiety, no way they’re getting in. Knock all you like, I shall resist :¬)

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You should meditate if stress is really getting to you. Try just 15 or 20 mins a day. I recommend mindfullness meditation.

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Meditation. Riding a bike or some physical activity that you think is FUN, not a chore. Until last year I had not ridden a bike since I was 10. Never would have believed I would enjoy it, as I was not the least bit athletic. Turns out I LOVE it! Energizing AND relaxing. Stress-busting! If you don’t enjoy any physical activities, try doing things you’ve never done. Might surprise yourself, like I did.

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@karemelia Thanks! I will have to try that :)

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Medication from my doctor. Meditation. Exercise. Lying under the hot sun on a warm beach. Feeling the sea breeze blow over me.

And washing the dishes. Yes, that actually calms me down, because I concentrate on exactly what I’m doing while I’m doing it. That gets me outside my head and helps me forget my troubles.

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I am with @lucillelucillelucille
Exercise, exercise, exercise
I am starting to think that I wish that I actually was with @lucillelucillelucille

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Just got back from a much needed run!! Now gonna do an hour on my “baby” blue Strat and I should be stress free!! Ahhhhhhhh!

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going down back with the dogs or visit the “range”

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@Rollalong, glad to share my amazing discovery. The most exercise I got before becoming a “biker chick“was turning the pages of my bazillion books! (I am obviously an ancient relic, still turning actual pages in my actual books! LOL)

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@Cruiser, Got sound files?!

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Dog. Kissies. Pets. More kissies. Smelling of corn-chip toes. Melodramatic disgust. More pets. Kissies. Repeat as needed.

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I punch kittens and puppies. I throw moldy food at homeless kids. I make fun of handicapped folks.
Ahhhh anxiety…Bring it.

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I drink and eat chocolate and smoke like a whole pack of cigarettes. If your not old enough, just eat the chocolate. It’s a natural anti depressant.:)

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I rest. Working continuously through the day, and pulling multiple all-nighters, is a recipe for disaster in anyone’s case. I just get some sleep and try to make sure I manage my work well enough that I’m never forced to cram or stay up all night.

Otherwise, if I am really stressed, I take my dogs out, or if I’m away at college, go to the local shelter and play with the dogs there. I also enjoy taking walks and just listening to music, or I go with my boyfriend and we walk together if he has time.

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I’m totally not suggesting this, I’m just saying, but I used to cut. It really helped, but obviously that got me in trouble. If you’re one of those people that copes by inflicting pain on yourself, my therapist suggested to imerse your arms in ice water until just a little after they’ve gone numb. Pain releases endorphines into our system and oddly enough a lot of people inflict pain when they’re upset and the ice water things is a good way to do it without actually hurting yourself. It hurts but no damage is done.

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I go shopping.

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