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How are pro wrestling superstars actually picked or made?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) October 16th, 2010

Seeing that pro wrestling is all fake and scripted who decides who gets to be the superstars like past superstars Goldberg, the Hulk, The Rock, etc? Do focus groups pick them, the fans somehow pick them or do the people at the top anoint who they feel will bring in the most bucks? It can’t be because they earned it like boxers and ultimate fighters who got to the top actually combating someone unscripted and winning the match.

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The people in the top pick them but they sometimes do so to please the fans. Incidentally, the pro wrestling star is often called a “face.” Here’s an article about that:

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@weeveeship busted link, no article :-(

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This is coming from a true wrestling fan, yes it’s fake but I still enjoy watching it.

Most wrestlers get their start with smalltime wrestling organizations (usually on the local level) and gradually may work their way up or get noticed by scouts for acting/talent potential. Even pro wrestling requires learning moves/wrestling technique in a certain type of wrestling school set up for this very purpose. For the most part it is all about putting themselves out there to be noticed by showing great mic skills, personality, acting ability, athleticism and many other factors. There is no single thing here which determines which wrestlers will make it big or not. It all comes down to what each professional wrestling organization (such as WWE or TNA) is looking for to boost their ratings, image type and fan appeal whether it be a heel, face or tweener.

Sometimes the WWE offers a side program where fans can watch rookies perform in wrestling matches, commentary (mic skills) and fan/image appeal itself. The fans sometimes get a chance in some circumstances to vote on a preferred star. Many pro wrestlers that do get a chance to make it to the bigtime do not last long and this is usually because of lack of storyline ideas for that character or not being a convincing heel or face. It’s all about what each wrestling organization is looking for along with the right wrestlers being in the right place at the right time. Many get luckier than others.

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