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Do you think Trump really BELIEVES these absurd, obviously fake poll numbers?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46732points) October 1st, 2019

I’ve been camping since last Thursday. Just got back yesterday.
I went to twitter this morning to verify some of the more absurd tweets the orange muffin man makes. I don’t just pass stuff on that makes him look stupid, with out verifying that it’s true.
Well, I came across this and almost choked!

I wonder who built that for him, and why? I know he isn’t smart enough to figure it out for himself.

Do you think all of his briefings are absolute bullshit like this?

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I think that if his poll numbers were bad, it’d be shouted from the rooftops.

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Those numbers are almost as good as the fake election results in the fomer GDR.
Needless to say, I have no doubt that Drumpf believes those numbers.

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The actual numbers are below 50%...but still seem high to me.

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There is NEVER going to be a reasonable answer from the fool on any issue involving numbers regardless of the topic. His tally will ALWAYS be reliably absurd

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It depends on the question being asked.

Suppose the question was:

“In the men’s restroom, when you’re peeing, the President comes in. Do you stand with President Trump?”

My answer would be as definite yes.

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Unfortunately the Secret Service would never allowed you to “stand“with him—proof of their liberal bias. Can you imagine how many times the man woul be pissed on, were things otherwise?

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The 2 percent were the FBI undercover at a KKK meeting.

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Does he believe it? Absolutely yes. He is delusional when it comes to his own self-worth. He believe people who fawn on him and rejects even slight criticism with vitriol.

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Nobody can know when his lies end and his delusions begin.

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He will believe anything that makes him look good true or not.

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Polls fake or not wouldn’t save him from being impeached.

If he makes it to the next Presidential election no idea yet if his 80K plus votes (?) over Hillary in those 3 states (?) which got him the EC would be outnumbered this time by Democrats and Indies.

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I wonder who built that for him, and why?

It’s an online poll at Brietbart.

It’s equivalent to an online poll at Car & Driver asking, “Do you like cars?”

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It’s in the nature of politicians to believe they are more popular than they really are.
So, yes, he believes it.
But unless the Dem party does something about the the candidates they are presenting, he will be your next president, polls notwithstanding.

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Yes, just like he believes the fake Time Cover with his picture on it is real.

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