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What continent is New Zealand a part of?

Asked by caly420 (546points) April 1st, 2008


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Australia, I thought.

Can be easily found, eh?
Next time: search. ;-)

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i did look it up but i kept finding contradicting answers-part of austrailia, does not lie on a continental shelf at all, etc

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I always thought t was Australasia : Not a continent, but an area of ocean… good enough. :)

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the continent that includes both Australia and New Zealand is or used to be called Oceana.

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Its called Australasia and contains just Australia and New Zealand.

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Oceania aka Australasia (calling it Australia will offend any NZers) and it also includes Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea.

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Australasia or Oceania. contains nz, australia, and the islands.

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NOT part of Australia.

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New Zealand is not part of a continent, more so an area called ‘Oceania’

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