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Does anyone know of a college that offers degrees in Asian language studies on line?

Asked by Pandora (27926points) October 17th, 2010

My son is overseas and has completed two languages and has over 170 credits. He however has not been able to obtain a degree. He has gotten many of his credits in one university that does not offer on line courses and the other was obtained in military schools.
Now the problem is he is trying to combine it all but is missing some courses that will lead up to his degree.
Of course there is also the problem of having a lot of his credits not accepted as well. But he’s prepared for that. Only none of the on line courses seem to match what he is hoping to obtain a degree in. He would have to go back to his old college but that is not possible for at least another 3 years.
I hope someone can help.

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You could try this or perhaps this would be better. I looked them up on Google.

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