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What is for you the most amazing piano album?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) October 18th, 2010

If in addition to the artist/album name you can give me one or two youtube clips… would be much appreciated! Thanks :)

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Anything by Scott Joplin gets my vote.
Maple Leaf Rag

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I also vote for Scott Joplin. For the holidays, nothing beats George Winston’s “December” album.

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T Lavitz was the keyboardist in Steve Morses band the Dixie Dregs and is my favorite modern keyboardist. Watch him play High Falutin’ Blues

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Billy Joel has a fantastic album of pieces he composed in the classical style. It’s called Fantasies & Delusions: Music for Solo Piano, and there are plenty of clips on YouTube if you’re interested.

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Gershwin would have to be my all-time favorite. I’m not a huge fan of the orchestral performances of songs like Rhapsody in Blue, but the piano version really captures my attention.

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Chick Corea My Spanish Heart is incredible

and Bruce Hornsby

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@jazmina88 You are not kidding!! Just beautiful compositions!! GA!

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Art Tatum was a master pianist.

Start with this.

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