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Find (and eliminate) duplicate files, folders, and photos?

Asked by albert_e (529points) October 18th, 2010

Is there any tool that can help me find duplicate files and folders on my hard-disk? Preferably a simple freeware tool?

I have a 18GB photo dump created by my friend that I am sure has a lot of repeated albums with various folder names. Looking for an easy way to cut down this bulk to unique photos before manually sorting / organizing them.

Is there any tool that specifically helps us organize photos that are scattered across a drive? (all digicam photos – so EXIF info should be present)

Optional: Does any tool find duplicate files irrespective of the file names being same of different :) ?

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Just do a find folders. If you have windows just click on the start tab and go to ‘search.’ Plug in the file name and all of the files with that name will come up.

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This site might help you out.

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Thanks @mrentropy

I just discovered CloneSpy ( – trying it out…. seems to be a great tool.

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If you’re using a Mac, the Automator could always be programmed to help you out. If you’re running Windows, just check or to look for some freeware/shareware programs to do what you’re looking for. On Linux, I would go with a Perl, PHP, or Ruby script.

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try googling DupFinder. Pretty sure its freeware. Try

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