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You usually drink water out of one of these.

Asked by Alex (13points) April 1st, 2008
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What is a leather glove?

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What is a glass?

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Man, oh man… I am so enjoying just the thought that @SeanConnery has joined us for today’s fun.

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what is a cactus?

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What is a table leg?

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what is a toilet?

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what is a high heel?

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What is a bong?

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What is a zambonni?

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what is a hose? or a lake?

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what is a nalgene?

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What is a hose?

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what is a hydration pack?

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What is a wet rock?

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Holy crap where did you come from @MooCows??!! I just fell upon this ancient “question.” It’s not like anything I’ve seen on fluther so I just threw my 2 cents in.

It sounds like they were playing some version of Jeopardy, where they give the answer and you have to ask the right question. It didn’t get very far though, did it.

What is a waterbed?

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Clear mountain stream.

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Well, hi! You have to say, ”What is a clear mountain stream?” @Yetanotheruser, or you get a buzzer in your butt.

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What is a clear mountain stream?

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Why are you asking me? You know what it is! LOL!

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@Dutchess_III does that mean I get to put you get a buzzer in your butt?

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Oh. God. No.

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