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Can one add fluoride manually to your drinking water?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17393points) July 21st, 2018

So you can choose what water has fluoride and what doesn’t? Really who needs fluoride in their laundry water?

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A neighbour of mine collected rainwater but wanted her children to have fluoride for their teeth, so they used to take fluoride tablets, weekly I think.

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@Adagio Cool thanks. GA!

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Fluoride tablets are cheap and easy. Brush teeth, suck on half a tablet or a whole at bedtime and let it sit on the teeth.

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I was reading just last week that the geniuses are saying that we really don’t “need” Fluoride in our water because it creates the conditions for Alzheimer disease. After seeing the tablets are being recommended, they might be safer!!!

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^^ Is that satire?

Some people would go back in time to off Hitler. I would like to have a talk with 18 year old Jenny McCarthy.

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Our water softening system and reverse osmoses removes fluoride. So we had a fluoride prescription for our daughter. I can’t remember if it was a tablet or liquid.

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Flouride should not be given more than 1:100000 ppm . Don’t dose yourself without a prescription from m a dentist. It can make white scars on you teeth and large doses aren’t good for you. Get a check up and if you’re having a lot of tooth decay, it’s your diet, and saliva. It’s an easy test so go to a dentist.

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The directions for use are on the bottle. You can buy them at the grocery store (where I live) and don’t need a prescription. They are not a substitute for regular dental check ups. Keep them out of reach of children because they do taste sweet and are usually flavoured with something like strawberry or orange. For children under 10 we cut them in half, as per the instructions from the dentist. It isn’t rocket science.

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Definitely talk to your dentist. Tablets make it easy to control the dose. It is pretty difficult to get too much fluorine via fluoridated tap water alone.

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