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How do I clean car upholstery?

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) March 27th, 2007
I have cloth seats and managed to spill the contents of a burrito (black beans, salsa, rice, cheese) on passenger seat while trying to eat and drive. Stupid, I know. By the time I got home, mess had dried up. I scraped off solid material and used a dust buster. But there still are some stains (car is only yr old and has less than 6500 miles so I am trying to keep it pristine).
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an auto parts store will have many choices for leather or vinyl cleaner. these work fine, can be pricey. Many people use too much and do not remove the excess. I have found for general cleaning that Simple Green works for most interior surfaces. It comes as concentrate that is diluted and I spray and wipe. It will work on the cloth interior. try spraying on let sit for 5 min., then use a firm clean toothbrush and scrub than spray on clean water (distilled is best-no minerals) and vigorously blot the spot. a repeat may be necessary.

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