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Where can I learn quickly the differences between using SQL Server 2008 and Toad for Oracle?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) October 20th, 2010

I am having trouble, the SQL in Toad software isn’t the same as the SQL I know from SQL Server. Is it? I have to get used to work with Toad for Oracle after several years I worked with SQL Server only.

I am looking in Toad if there is anything like the Diagram option in SQL Server? I mean, see the tables and fields and connection between them in diagram. Is there anything like this in Toad? I didn’t find.

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The SQL code IS different. Oracle and SQL Server syntax can differ from the ANSI version of SQL.

For example, when you write a JOIN in SQL, you MUST use the OUTER JOIN ON syntax, where in Oracle you have the option of just putting using a (+) on the right or left side of the join clause.

Toad for Oracle is a tool for Oracle, it’s not the database itself.

That being said, if you open the Schema Browser, select your table, and right-click > ER Diagram. That will build an ERD. You can also use the Query Builder to write queries for you by dragging and dropping – just like Access.

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Thanks, I am having real trouble with making Package with Stored Procedures. So different from SQL Server. Hope I will get used to it soon.

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