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Have you gotten a terrific reading by a psychic? If so, tell me about it.

Asked by Aster (19301points) October 20th, 2010

I haven’t seen this q before. I’d love to hear all about your great psychic reading. When, where and what did she/he say? Accurate?

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I read Tarot cards, and used to read for a living. Until I got too many stupid calls like; am I pregnant. Then I quit, you could buy a test for 20 dollars or call me for 10 dollars a min.
Seems like an insult to the spirits that be, and a crazy rip off to the poor silly people that should find something better to do with their money. I still read cards but only for entertainment.

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Yes, I’ve had many. I had one who accurately described to me the contents of a bedside drawer full of unusual keepsakes right down to the brand of my grandmother’s old watch that I’ve kept. She went on to tell me about how I would find a car to buy. This was not a story about walking onto a lot and finding a car. It was hidden in a barn where it sat for years and was discovered by a friend of a friend.

I’ve had many other readings that were similarly accurate, and I’ve had some that were just silly.

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Nope. It really is a load of hogwash taking advantage of the Forer effect and applying a technique known as cold reading. It may interest you to understand that many ‘psychics’ are actually unaware that what they’re feeling is, quite literally, in their head, and they believe that they do indeed have paranormal powers.

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