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Because it's April Fools' Day.

Asked by sferik (6099points) April 1st, 2008
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What is the answer to @hairpalms question, since he hasn’t looked at the calendar yet?

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So because it’s April fools we don’t ask questions today? Just dumb stuff? This is gay.

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Have everyone at work call your boss to call outta work?

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why did oatmeal come out of my shower spigot this morning?

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@hairypalm: I wouldn’t say that it’s particularly homosexual. Any more than it’s black, hispanic, korean, or womanly.

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Are we having more fun?

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Why are you acting like a jerk today?

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Why is my head spiining while looking for a thread to post in?

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Do you think the Merv Griffin lawsuit will prevail?

I think this is gay


#3. given to or abounding in social or other pleasures: a gay social season.

I think Fluther is social and oftentimes pleasurable.

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