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If you could spend a Sunday doing whatever you wanted, what would you do?

Asked by St.George (5855points) October 12th, 2008

Why can’t you do it today?

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I’d love to be hiking in the mountains. Instead, I’m painting exterior trim.

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Sail a big yacht in the Caribbean with my Dad.

Why can’t I do it?.. Because I live in the UK, my Dad lives in Sweden and neither of us can sail a yacht. Can’t but dream!

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Absolutely nothing.

Why can’t I do it today? I have a wife.

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I’d sleep late.
Go out for a nice brunch.
Take my daughter and wife to the park.
Read some comic books.

“Why can’t (I) do it today?” – Because I started working weekends a year-an-a-half ago and haven’t had a day off in months.

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I would spend the entire day in bed watching the first, then the second Godfather movies.

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My favorite Sunday is a long liesurely brunch with the Sunday paper, followed by a Sunday “nap” or a drive somewhere (to visit an ancient tree or a nature preserve) with a stop for a walk and maybe a meal.

Won’t happen today because we are prepping for out of town guests and implementing my plan to move my office out of our guest room into the Florida room which runs the length of the house. It’s a room with a lot of light and view of the outside.

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At the moment I’d settle for not being in an ICU while someone vomits blood all over me.

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My favorite Sunday would be spent swimming or just soaking in “The Grotto” area of the Playboy Mansion, with about 5 or 6 naked centerfolds, just the way my idol, Hugh Hefner does…

My second choice would to spend all day at Sheri’s Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, the best legal brothel in America.

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Sleep late, eat a late breakfast prepared by my husband, nap, eat a great dinner, watch a movie with my husband. Why can’t I? I have 3 children : )

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What I’ve always done: whatever I want to do.

augustlan: Find friends with kids and farm your kids out for a Saturday night sleep-over for which you will reciprocate. Everybody involved wins.

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I’d wake up real late then watch a lot of violent movies – Black Hawk Down, Pulp Fiction, Etc.

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I pretty much have my ideal Sunday every week:

I sleep late.
I go to brunch with friends and usually have at least 4 beverages: coffee, bloody mary, oj, and water.
I eat something with bacon for brunch
I watch some documentaries and/or a bit of football
I make artwork (today that included carving some pumpkins)
And I have a nice dinner

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Take a boat to an island, start a fire and talk with friends, cook meat on the fire, drink a few, camp, and sleep under the stars.

If you meant Sunday as in the day before the work week starts, then I’d have a nice dinner, maybe see a movie, and wait for things to magically get better.

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