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Ever wonder what would've happened if different words were said?

Asked by remambermee (442points) October 21st, 2010

I definitely do. I find myself thinking ‘what if’ a lot and think back on what I’ve said. Sometimes I wish I knew what to say right at the moment instead of coming up with cheap on the spot answers. I’m the kind that needs time to come up with what I’m trying to say and it sucks when I don’t get that time.

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Try not to dwell on the past.

You can’t change it no matter what.

When you get in a situation where you want more time to frame a response, ask for it. Say, “I’ll get back to you on that.”

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While I don’t spend much time at all on “what ifs,” I do have one man that I think about once in a blue moon and wonder if maybe it could have been different.

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No. There’s only one person in my past I think I could have had a wonderful life with and his life has turned out pretty much the way I suspected which is fine for him but I wouldn’t have been a good fit for it.

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I try not to dwell on what if’s too much, but I do try to make a note to myself when a better solution pops into my mind after the fact, just in case it comes up again.

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We are human and don’t always say the right thing. Apologize, if necessary, and don’t look back.

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There’s a difference between wondering about and dwelling on. I do tend to wonder about different ways things could have turned out but I think that’s mainly because I’m a writer. It gives me practice, telling myself stories. And sometimes it even gives me ideas for things to write.

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