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How often do you asume what others are thinking?

Asked by Hibernate (9063points) October 16th, 2011

Doesn’t matter what situation. Just tell us how often you do it ^^

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All the time. I probably assume thoughts more then people actually communicate them to me. Its a very bad habit.

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Not often any more. I have learned that such assumptions are usually more about the person doing the assuming than the reality of what the other is thinking.

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Probably pretty often, but I also ask them directly what they mean or are thinking the majority of the time to check if my assumption is right or not.

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It depends on the person I’m talking to, but generally I do it probably less than average, as I do conciously try to not generalize or make assumptions and so on.

If I’m talking to a boss who makes vague statements, I’ll fill in the blanks quite a lot. If I’m talking to a direct boss who speaks his mind and is blunt, I wont assume anything.

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Okay, this one I will defend…with respect, of course. My view on this is that I know I can assume a bit more assumingly than I should about what others are thinking or to say next. However, since I do strongly assume, I fell most others do it just as strongly, even without truthfully admitting it. So there you have it from me.

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I don’t. I don’t care.

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Is it still an assumption if you make an effort to confirm your developping conclusion?
I constantly notice where I’m filling in the blanks (the assumption) and try to get some confirmation about what I perceived.
As the old saying goes “assume makes an ass out of U and me”.
If it’s important, it’s worth being certain. It’s just too easy to make a bad decision based on assumptions and it’s not necessary.

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I rarely assume thoughts. More than often I make a prediction on a persons thoughts, read their body language, ask them questions, and study their thoughts…. I have odd interests :)

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Most of the time, unless I need/want to know – then I ask, it’s just easier that way. Of course that assumes that I’m considering what they’re thinking to begin with which isn’t always the case.

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What you are really asking is often do we believe we understand someone’s motivation, and substitute our own incite, rather than accurately predict someones postition on a matter.
I think you’re also recognizing that some are better at this than others.

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I will generally run through possible scenarios in my head if the person in question is vague or not particularly forthcoming. After a few minutes of contemplating the possibilities, I’ll either A) ask them directly for clarification (if it’s something important), or B) let it go and forget about it. I won’t linger on it beyond that.

Generally though, I make it a habit of taking people at their word. Looking for subtext is often frustrating and inaccurate and speaks more about my bias than reality. Ultimately a waste of time.

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To me, ‘predicting’ has always meant the same to me as ‘assuming’. Not by definition, mind you, but by the way they both seem to stick out their noses, so to speak. I don’t know, maybe we all just assume to much when it comes to discussiing about the subject of assuming. Or predictiing. Whatever the case may be at the time.

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Assumptions are almost always wrong. Nobody is a mind reader. I don’t even go there, and, the times that I have made assumptions, I have almost always been wrong.

The only time an assumption may be correct is when there have been numerous experiences to back it up, ” Hmmm..lets see, I KNOW my boss is a jerk in the morning, sooo, the odds are I can assume he will be a jerk this morning too! ” LOL

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@Coloma – Yeah, loma, haha, but that could actually come true. Oh, wait. That’s a prediction, right?

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Quite a lot and it’s always a negative thing.

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@Leanne1986 – Hi, Leanne. I’m not sure what you meant by your comment. Can you elaborate, please?

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I don’t have to, I know.

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Not much anymore. I still think I am a good read of people (in person), but assumptions are for the egotists and psychics and I am neither.

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According to communication theorists, we assume every time we have a conversation. We interpret the sender’s message based on our assumption of their intent. Even if the assumption of the sender’s intent is accurate, is still an assumption.

On a social level, assuming others’ opinions or thoughts, that’s different.

I try not to, but I’m deeply trained to. I’ve had to assume, guess, fill-in-the-blanks, etc, to survive.

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Too damn much to the point where sometimes it makes me want to never leave the house again. I need to recognize that those are just MY thoughts and I need to et them go. I wish I saw it this way 2+ yrs ago.

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Sometimes I wonder & sometimes I simply start a conversation & then we can exchange ideas.

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ALL THE TIME. I’m not a psychology major for nothing.

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I usually do it all the time.

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@Mantralantis It means I over analyse everything people say/do to me and think the worst about what they may be thinking.

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Oh, I know what this question is really about.

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@6rant6 not really. When I first thought of asking this we had to go with a family member at the hospital because he was sick. Nobody had time to help him accommodate there and all the nurses and doctors assuming bunch of things about us. I had to tell them to stop mumbling before they understood the whole situation and why we couldn’t stay and help him.

You did the exact thing :) You assumed you know :)

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@Hibernate Yeah, well, really, it was a joke.

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That’s why I didn’t say you are ignorant or anything :)

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pffffffffff all the time! And their usually not wrong.

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