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What kinds of plastic are recyclable in San Francisco?

Asked by occ (4176points) March 28th, 2007
Different kinds of plastic have numbers stamped on do I know which ones can be recycled here in San Francisco? Can the plastic salad-bar containers be recycled (they are number 6). Also, do I need to wash things before I put them in the recycling bin? Or can I recycle messy items like those pesky peanut butter jars without having to wash them out?
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#2,#4, and #5 plastic tubs and lids
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and all bottles
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all bottles = #1 through #7
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ah, someone beat me to it! wah! so no on the salad box. if you get the paper one you can compost it. and no, they dont have to be super clean, but if you can scrape what you can off, thats helpful. : )

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