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Where can I recycle heavy plastic wrap?

Asked by jca (36062points) October 5th, 2008

i just got a new mattress and box spring and it came covered with heavy plastic wrap. i don’t want to put it in the garbage, but i don’t think the recycling guys will take it. where can i bring it?

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The short answer is: I have no idea.

However, when I come across something large like this, I try to get creative about recycling.
Do you or someone else have a big paint project coming up? dropcloth!
Garage sale coming up? Somewhere to spread clothing or such on the lawn.
Large yard? Use it to rake the leaves on to make them easier to drag to the street for municipal pick up (if you have that-)

Good luck!

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Also great for a mulch and weed prohibitor if you have a garden. Lay single sheets down and poke holes in them to plant. Then cover with organic mulch.

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if your grocer accepts plastic bags for recycling you can probably throw it in there.

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all three of these ideas are great. thanks guys.


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you can also bring it back to the store and see if they can do something with it.

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Who buys plastic wrap of the kind you find around pallets?

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tersia: i don’t buy it, i got it when i bought a brand new mattress and box spring. it came wrapped around the mattress and box spring.

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It depends on your area. Some areas simply don’t have the facilities to store certain re-cyclables until they get enough of it to transport it to where it will be processed. So in that case, if you don’t re-use it, it goes in the trash.

Some stores say they re-cycle, but I often wonder if it doesn’t actually end up in the trash when nobody’s looking. I wouldn’t be surprised. Recycling is good for business in that it makes the store look good, but it takes extra effort, extra storage, and sometimes money to make it happen.

Personally, I am passionate about re-cycling, and I don’t have much patience with the ones who refuse to do it.

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What you can recycle, and where you can recycle it, depends entirely on where you live.

Better than recycling is reusing, so the first two answers here are really the best. But if you have to recycle, you’ll just have to go to your local government’s website – there’s no universal answer to this question.

I find it unlikely that a place that takes plastic grocery bags to recycle would take the plastic sheeting you’re talking about – they’re completely different plastics, I think – but it’s worth asking about it. But if they say “no,” don’t just throw it in there anyway: they’ll just throw it in the garbage, so if that’s what you’re gonna do, do it yourself rather than passing the buck.

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Contact your local waste disposal folks and ask them. Filmy plastics may not be recyclable, and may have to be discarded as general landfill waste. Trying to recycle this type of plastic, if not accepted, may doom the entire truckload of recyclables to the landfill as general waste, as it isn’t cost effective to hand sort out all of the unwanted stuff.

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I’d be worried about using it on the ground in the garden since it is so waterproof. It might cause drainage problems. But you could use it as a polytunnel if you constructed a frame for it to lie over.

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