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What's the best thing for your throat before singing?

Asked by rentluva5256 (555points) October 23rd, 2010

I know most people say water, and I usually stick to that. But I was just wondering if there’s any other specific drinks out there to help my voice.

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Potato chips and tequila. I am being completely serious. I forget why but something about the salt in the chips is good for the voice. And I don’t know why specifically tequila as opposed to other alcohol, but something about it helps more than say, a beer.

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I’m no professional, but I was always told to stay away from dairy products and sugary drinks.

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raw egg?!?!?!?!

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Most likely vocal exercises like with your throat,lips,etc.I’m not sure if it works for everybody but I think this guy is a good professional.Try it out and check on his singing/vocal exercises on Youtube(since you mentioned your throat,I’ll give you this video as a start)

Or if you want to see step by step to be really familiar with it,with Singing Lessons Part 1-Vocal Warm Up video along with his on by clicking “Daily Vocal Warm-Ups Exercises with Eric” on his Playlist

. By the way, his name is Eric and he’s a singer,a vocalist,a vocal coach,and has helped some other singers like Jennifer Hudson,Lis Lewis,and etc. I hope this helps. :-)Remeber it takes time to improve your vocals and singing along with practice.

P.S. Have you ever tried seeking singing coaches?They may help you too if you’re considering.

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I sometimes do radio, and slippery elm tea always keeps my throat and mouth slippery feeling so I have a clear voice.

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Tap water gurgling has worked for me in the shower, so I’m assuming that purified filtered water will do the trick before singing on stage.

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Practice. Most singers I’ve seen eat and drink the oddest things before going into the recording booth. I doubt it helps any, but it might convince them to have more confidence.

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I’ve been singing acapella for 7 years now, and more than anything I prefer a nice hot cup of tea before I sing. It a great cleanser, and I prefer it hot because I think it helps to open my ariway a bit. Everybody I ask says chamomile is the best for the voice, but I don’t know of any actualy evidence to back it up.

Another member of my acapella group swears by caffeine before a performance. And there is some science to that: when caffine is metabolized by the liver, 4% of the metabolites produced are Theophylline, which relaxes bronchial muscles, making it easier to breathe.

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Hot green tea with honey!

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LOVE this:

but, on a budget/in a pinch, hot tea with honey and lemon

bu no kidding, buy some Clear Voice – it’s so soothing and really prepares you to sing.

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@ZEPHYRA , yeah, and wash it down with buttermilk right?

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Um…warming up?

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Tea with honey, and a bit of practise.

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