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What does it mean when you have a seriously clear dream about someone more than once-so clear - you thought it was real?

Asked by t3qn0loqiiic (57points) October 25th, 2010

What does it mean when u have a dream about a certain someone more than once and its so clear- every time.
is there something behind it?

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Your subconscious is probably trying to tell you that you need to take a closer look at this someone. For what reason, I have not a clue.

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It’s a vivid dream. They can be brought on by medicines since brain chemicals are involved. Actually, what else are dreams if not from the brain? lol

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Exactly. : )

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It’s most important what you think is behind it.

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You could try looking for the main bits of action in a dream dictionary.

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I not only have vivid dreams, but also fuzzy realities. They’re sometimes hard to tell apart :D

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You always think it’s real, though, don’t you?

Back when I was into lucid dreaming, I noticed I felt more certain I was awake when I was actually dreaming, than when I really was awake. The human mind is weird like that.

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People who try to tell you that dreams have meanings are making unsound assumptions. Dreams only have meaning in their own context, to the person who is having them.

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Our dreams are a reflection of ourselves so it’s impossible for anyone but you to interpret them.
Usually, every thing and every person in our dream represent a part of ourselves, so perhaps if you can identify what this person means/represents to you, the meaning or message behind it will become clear.

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I sometime have “insight” dreams that tell me some truth about my life, or about certain relationships. And I wake up knowing that this one in particular contained some truth. It doesn’t even have to repeat.
What is important is that you trust your own gut feelings on this one. Drop in, consider what meaning it might have for you.

Be honest and on the lookout for very strong desires that may colour your intuition. For example, if you have a very strong dream that you are together with someone you have a crush on, it may be that the dream is reflecting the truth that you have this desire, rather than a “predicted future” per se…

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@YARNLADY & @stardust you’re both right. I have this dream dictionary that I’ll occasionally use to look up something I dreamt just for shits and giggles. The interpretations are hilarious sometimes. We can only interpet our own dreams. @stardust you put it best.

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I tend to have very vivid dreams if I going through alot BS or had a long day. I sleep more deeply, and I get way into. I always dream.

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When you see this person in your dream, how do you feel towards them? Because that could indicate the nature of that person relative to you (threatening, safe, etc.). If you have ever thought about attempting to lucid dream, you might try it and think of ways you could interact with that person so as to gain further insight on their nature as a construct of your subconscious.

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