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Ok you fantastic dream interpreters, can you please help me with this one?

Asked by shrubbery (10236points) August 24th, 2008

Ok you Flutherites, I’ve seen you do it before, so now will you please give an opinion on what this dream could possibly mean?

I dreamt that I was on some kind of school camp in a jungle near a beach. Everyone had the same bag and mine got mixed up and lost. I was ringing everyone on my mobile when suddenly everyone else was gone and I was with Batman and Robin. They were telling me a story about how they’d been chased by this huge shark, but as they were telling me the story it was happening to me. I was chased by this shark all over the place until I finally ended up in a peaceful little bay where some yachts were moored. I was floating in the water when I found a bottle of cordial and started to drink it. Then I heard Robin say somewhere in the background “then I started drinking cordial and the shark turned up again” so I knew the shark was about to come. I swam to shore just in time and the shark jumped out of the water, hit its nose on the sand and fell back in before swimming away. Suddenly I was in a van with Batman and Robin driving along a forest road having a good old laugh and chatting like old friends. But then i was driving a car behind the van, although I was still in the van as well, I guess I was in two places at once. The me in the car was also being chased by something but I didn’t know what. A bird hit my windscreen and bounced off, making me jump. Then another car appeared behind me and I could see a freaky ghost woman driving it in my rearview mirror. Then suddenly this creepy dead woman was in my car. I screamed, she turned into the shark and bit my shoulder before I crashed the car and suddenly I was the me back in the van again. The other me no longer existed but I had a cut on my shoulder from where the shark had bit me. Robin patched me up and then I woke up.

I think the ghost girl may have been there because I watched the episode of Supernatural about the Woman in White not too long before, but that’s about all I can say.

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It obviously means that you hate your parents.

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ha-ha thanks ac :P

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Are you sure it was a dream?

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I’m guessing the first part, about the bags being the same, has something to do with feelings you might have about not being different or not standing out…..?
I think that you are the only person who can really figure out what your dream means, because you know your thoughts, and feelings about things….

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I know cheeb, I know, and thanks for your help anyway. I was just wondering what the collective might have to say and maybe get a few prompts, suggestions or triggers as to how I might go about interpreting it.

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In addition to what cheeb said, I get 2 things from that dream: you watch a lot of telly (Lost, Batman, A-Team, Jaws, <something> of the dead…) and you want more adventure in your life.

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Thanks for finding that for me Cheeb. And wildflower, I don’t watch too much, books are more my thing. I don’t watch Lost, this was before Dark Knight and I hadn’t seen the old movies in years, I don’t even know what A-Team is, and I haven’t seen Jaws. Me and my mum just started Supernatural cause my Dad bought the box set. Thanks for the thought though, and I mean you could be right about the adventure anyway.

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Ah, then perhaps it’s your brain compensating for the lack of action-adventure watching! ;)

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haha probably!

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If it were my dream, it would be letting me know that my life is
larger than I realized, that I have allies I hadn’t quite realized I have, that everything can happen in a number of different ways, that things from different contexts affect each other across the boundaries of consciousness, and that big things I have no control over are sometimes going to bite me no matter how well I avoid them – yet here I still am.

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@susanc: nicely put. You put into 80 words what basically took me 800! So much for succinctness…

Hey there shrubbery! I think that while I can offer suggestions for the interpretation, please don’t take this as anything more than speculation at 4:00am, and “for entertainment purposes.”

Here’s my now long-winded interpretation of your dream:

School camp: possibly a reference to an earlier time in your life; the fact that it is in an exotic/jungle location, perhaps may represent an unfamiliar challenge that may bear similarity in some way with a past journey or experience; I also think in terms of occupation, as kids, going to camp is an occupational experience-could this be a reference to “waking life” occupation you’re currently embarking on? Perhaps even a loose reference to a change in occupation for you?...

Bags: that everyone had the same bags and you couldn’t find yours, perhaps you may have felt/may be feeling lost or a loss of individuality or identity; also, your bags may represent your own sense of preparedness or readiness (or lack thereof), and maybe the idea that your bag getting lost among other “identical bags” may be symbolic of general sense of uncertainty or under-preparedness, or that maybe your bag represents “skills” that you may be judging as generic or lacking uniqueness?

Batman & Robin: IMO references to early childhood heroes tend to symbolize certain archetypes/gestalts we have come accept in life: courage, stability, strength, or a motivation to aid in persevering through adversity. I might add that your familiarity with them (esp. later in the dream) may mean that you’ve relied on that “force” in the past, and may now be reconsidering its influence on your judgment of the present? Perhaps these hero characters represent support, strength, or perhaps even an aspect of your own character that brings that confidence to deal with challenges or unfamiliar territory; either way, it’s interesting that such a “grand” symbol is there to support you in your dream’s “journey.”

Shark, water references: as a lot of dream dictionaries will say that water references are either sexual and/or natal in nature, but I personally tend to take that with a grain of salt. I think that in a more general sense, water and sharks could simply be a general element of fear (of the unknown)? Trust issues, or a physical or perceived threat lurking out of plain view? Another interesting point to reflect on is your sense of calm (and drinking) before the threat manifests, perhaps you see yourself as being distracted or unaware until the last moment-could this be a habit for you? Or even that when this kind of threat comes in your waking life, you felt vulnerable or otherwise not on your toes (or in the case of your dream, floating idly on the water drinking cordial)?

That ghost woman/shark appearing later in the dream and biting your shoulder: wow! I find it fascinating that the ghost woman morphed into the shark, and that the cars and “teleportation” aspects of that incident in your dream were seemingly jarring/disjunctive. Seeing that in context of the narrative, these events came after the shark on the beach could just be an extension of that fear and unpredictable threat playing out “down the road” of that experience?

Robin patching you up: even though it’s a small plot point at the very end, I think it still has some significance; that hero character coming back to nurse your character seems almost as if his return symbolizes that reliable, consistent force of strength and support. It’s interesting to note that Robin came into the picture after the big “climax” of the story though…

Now I’m tired…hope I don’t see any sharks or ghost woman when I close my eyes! Let me know what you think…again-disclaimer-it’s now 5:00am and at the end of my “middle insomnia” cycle…good luck!

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Wow, sndfreQ. Just wow. Thanks so much for taking the time to look into my dream that deeply. It’s given me a lot to think about, I will have to take that and mull it over. Thankyou, if I could give you a hundred lurve for one answer I would. Anyone visiting this question please give sndfreQ lurve on my behalf.
I’ll be back to let you know what I think.

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Sounds like it would be a sick movie.

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Well done, snd.

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You are obviously having trouble with your repressed feelings for Captain Jack Sparrow.

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The woman was obviously a zombie shark

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Are you at a point in life where you have to make decisions about what comes next? You were in a place where many others are, feeling unsure of where your stuff was (your path in life?) and then you were aware of times of peace but also a lot of potential threat.

Superheroes were around to help you, so I’m guessing you have older and wiser people in your life. I think this is a reminder to use those resources and to trust that you won’t lose your way, that you will be okay in the end…

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Sounds like a “New Scooby-Doo Movies” episode to me XD

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