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How do you wash a pillow without it losing its shape?

Asked by Aethelwine (42945points) October 25th, 2010

I washed them in the delicate cycle, and now they are misshaped.

What is the secret to getting them back to their original shape? Where did I go wrong?

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you punch them, and fluff them.

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Still not working. My husband is going to be one unhappy camper this evening. Or maybe I don’t have enough anger built up when I punch them?

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It depends on what they are filled with. My cheap ($3) pillows are nothing more than a roll of cotton, inside a casing. The cotton turns into lumps in the washer.

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Lucky for me I have a new front loader ; it doesn’t do this.
You’ll have to punch it, jonsblond.

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@Aster Oh, I want one of those.

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^^^^^^^^^^^ I couldn’t believe my luck . We bought the place and it had new Kitchenaid in the utility room. They just TURN the clothes; they don’t agitate them. But I think the stupid movers scratched the glass on front of both of them . Made me mad.

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This bugs me too. I wash them in the pillow case with a few safety pins to keep the cover in place. It isn’t perfect but it helps.

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Dry them with a few tennis balls in the dryer.

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Or, if they are filled with down, use a reasonably clean sneaker if you have no tennis balls laying around.

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Thanks everyone. I wish I had tennis balls. I’ll have to buy some.

I spent some time shaking them and pounding on them. I then placed them on the bed and had my daughter jump on them. She had a great idea of jumping and then landing on them with her butt. It worked, and she had a great time!

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