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What product do you use to take yellow sweat stains out?

Asked by JLeslie (59780points) December 22nd, 2016 from iPhone

I just washed some pillows, but the yellow sweat stains only faded a bit. I probably should throw the pillows out, but I thought I’d give it a try. I guess I should invest in those pillow covers so this doesn’t happen. The pillows are clean, but for a guest I would want my pillows to look clean too.

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Are these down pillows or urethane foam pillows? Foam pillows made out of aromatic polyurethanes are the cheaper/less costly foam to use in anything that requires foamy surfaces, yet they are aeromatic foam molecules that suck over time and will yellow/turn orange due to UV (ultraviolet) degradation) hence the yellowish color that is near impossible to remove. The color change in the pillow is primarily cosmetic that a stylish pillow cover should hide.

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Pillows are so cheap that I don’t worry about it. After a few washings, if they’re out of shape I get news ones. I get them for about 2 for 12 at Costco, decent brands and quality with cotton covers.

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I am baffled. Are pillowcases not a thing where you live? Aren’t they the norm? And would a guest investigate the actual pillow that is in a pillowcase if they were staying in your house?

I can see checking the actual pillow if you were in a hotel.

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Oxiclean max force works pretty good. It comes in a spray bottle. I got rid of some old stains on my pillow cases. If all else fails, do as @Cruiser suggest and by pillow protectors. They are pretty good at preventing staining on your pillows. You could also try wiping them down with bleach on the surface using a towel that was dipped in bleach and water and then gently try to rinse it off the same way.
Vinegar on stains sometimes work. Especially if the stain is fat based. Which a lot of make-ups have some sort of fat in it.

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I knew I’d seen something recently. I saved this webpage the other day and then couldn’t find it. And it just appeared in my online news site.

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We have staff for that

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@Cruiser They are foam. Fairly inexpensive.

@jca Yeah, I wanted to just ditch them, but my husband wanted to keep them, so the compromise was to try to get the stains out.

@johnpowell If guests stay long enough the sheets get changed. Depending on the guest theirs a chance they will help change the sheets or just do it themselves.

@Pandora I’ve never tried any of the oxiclean products. Maybe I willl. Thanks.

@Earthbound_Misfit Thanks. I saved the page.

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@JLeslie: Try putting a cotton zippered cover on the pillows so the pillow itself won’t be seen.

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@jca I thought about that. Although, when I see those on a pillow I wonder what the pillow looks like. Lol. Can’t win.

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Something I read said sweat permeates the pillow slip and protector and that’s why the pillow becomes yellow.

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Pillows are cheap sleep is priceless.

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@JLeslie Since it is a foam pillow, the cheaper urethane foams will turn orange over time. It is due to a gas phase reaction to CO2…the stuff you exhale. I had a urethane chemist/friend tell me on how they had a warehouse full of hernia cushions boxed on pallets and they noticed this orange “dust” around the flaps of the cartons and when they opened them all the fabric on the cushions were stained with an yellowish color and was later blamed on this gas/phase reaction. They had to switch to a more costly urethane foam.

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@JLeslie Don’t use their powder one. I find they made it weaker. Use the spray one I recommended. It’s the only one that I find works like the original product.
Spray and rub it on there and let it sit a few minutes before putting the pillow in the wash.

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Sometimes when you put the pillows in the washer or dryer they get misshapen. I’d just replace – way easier.

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Fels Naptha laundry soap bar

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