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What song could you go the rest of your life and never hear again?

Asked by diavolobella (7925points) October 26th, 2010

Is there any particular song that you are totally and completely sick of? It might be a song you’ve always disliked or one that you used to enjoy, but it has been played to death. It might be a song that brings back unpleasant memories or has a negative connotation for you. Perhaps it’s one of those earworms that you will have stuck in your head for days afterward. I’m talking about the kind of song that comes on the radio or television and you immediately change the station or hit mute.

I am just plain sick and tired of hearing “Let’s Do the Time Warp Again”. I thought it was stupid to begin with and it’s played constantly around Halloween.

I also can’t listen to “Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum. When the video for it first came out, I was pregnant with my first child and it was like my worst nightmare amplified by my out-of-control maternal hormones. Ever since then, every time I hear it start I have to immediately turn it off.

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Anything playing on the Hip Hop/R&B station.

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Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr. it always gets stuck in my brain.

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Hotel California.

Actually, anything by The Eagles. Blech.

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Oh jeez… Um I’d have to say any song by Katy Perry. Mostly Teenage dream though.

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This isn’t a song, but I could live forever without seeing another political commercial.

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Anything from High School Musical or Glee!!!!

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Achy Breaky Heart

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Barbie Girl

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Have fun listening to the Spice Girls everyone. hahaha

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I love you, you love me (the Barney song)

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I could go forever without hearing entire bands and their worn out, overplayed music period. lol

Stevie Nicks is one that comes to mind and there are plenty of others.

If I hear ‘Landslide’ one more time I might just drive off a cliff. Gah! haha

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Anything by Hinder, Nickelback, or Daughtry. Especially those godawful ballads of theirs . . .

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There are alot which is one reason I don’t listen to music out now.
This one bugs the !@# out of me.
He won’t stop.

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@efritz Yessss!! Especially Nickelback.

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Pretty much anything Celine Dion sings. Ditto Nickleback.

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It’s a tie between The Brady Bunch’s Sunshine Day and The Captain & Tennille’s Musket Love.

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Our (British) national anthem. I mean it’s so bloody miserable, maudling & arse lickingly unpleasant!! Besides I have no desire to “send her victorious” happy or otherwise. Get bloody rid sharpish! I choose this as an upbeat alternative :¬)

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I could manage to be happy not ever hearing She Bop or Girls Just wanna Have Fun…
Christ on a pony. Now it’s in my head; They just a wanna, they just a wannaaaa, they just a wanna, they just awannaaaa.
Kill me.

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Why did you have to ask that question. It has put this in my mind and I cannot get rid of it.

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@Trillian The phone rings in the middle of the night…......:¬)

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Oh Gawd..‘Muskrat love’...there has to be a hall of fame for the worst songs EVER, somewhere! lol

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@ucme Okay, your alternative British national anthem has just given me the opening for one of those 6 Degrees of Separation moments in life. As you probably already know, that song is “Yakety Sax” by Boots Randolph, a famous sax player. The 6 Degrees part is this. The woman who held my current job before me (she retired) was Boot’s Randolph’s daughter, Linda. She gave me a couple of his CDs when she left. Very nice lady. Still comes back and temps for us sometimes. LOL I’ll have to be sure and tell her about your choice of her dad’s song.

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@flutherother If it makes you feel better, I have “Let’s Do the Time Warp” stuck in my head now, so I guess I hoisted myself on my own petard.

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@diavolobella Excellent & yes, I love that tune :¬)

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hahaha….like your under sedation ey? lol

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“I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts.

Thankfully the only time there’s a chance that I’ll hear it is if I unintentionally select a channel that’s airing “Friends”.

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I would say anything at all RAP.

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Almost anything by the Beach Boys.

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okay, I was waiting for someone to mention ‘Taking care of Business” but it seems I have to do it. That song drives me crazy.

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Oh yeah…horrible song…nooooo….make it stop! lol

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Celine Dion must be silenced! Humanely of course.

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@ucme You can silence her voice, but you nuuuuuuurrrrr that her heart will gooo onnnnNNnnnNNNNnnn…..... Huwannsssssss muuuuuurrr she’ll opppannnn the doooorrr….and…. [okay, I’ll stop now]

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Any song by Whitney Houston.

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@diavolobella The bum in your avatar would make a more harmonious sound than that which spews forth from the gob of Miss Dion :¬)

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@ucme ” The phone rings in the middle of the night…......:¬)” You ain’t right. ;-)

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@ucme My fuzzy bunny ‘tocks are quite melodious. :D

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When I took my grand daughter to Disney Land the ride with the song. It’s a small world after all Kept on going and going and going.

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A lot of music these days sounds whiny. We could definitely do without that.

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Walking on Sunshine
I Touch Myself
She Drives Me Crazy by the Fine Young Cannibals

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Everything Justin Bieber and Disney Stars sing

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muskrat love

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Anything by P Diddy.

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YMCA or anything the Villiage People sang. blech.

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Anything that the kidz bop kids ruined, and the plain white tee’s can keep their hey their hey there Delilah to themselves.

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Anything by Sublime. I loved it back in the day but it has turned to complete revulsion now since my local rock station plays it once an hour on average, and has been doing so for 15+ years. Throw the entire popular catalog of Marley and Skynard on the scrap heap for much the same reason, in my opinion. Led Zeppelin is on the way out the door as well.

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Those high pitched, squealing songs Whitney Houston sings as mentioned above. Where are the creme pies when you need one? The first parts aren’t bad but those endings??

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@aster Agreed. I can’t stand that high pitched shrieking Mariah Carey does either.

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White Winged Dove by Stevie Nicks

Our two stores have been playing the same 80’s satellite station going on 3 years now, the same lineup of songs.

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“Double Dutch Bus” by Frankie Smith. Although I hate that song, I got it stuck in my head and went around singing, “Dzouble Dzutch!” for days.

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How about a whole genre. Fuck country music. I could also go without any top 40 crap, and any song played on 96.9 in south jersey. For the few jellies that live in this area im sure ya know what I mean. They play the same 15 friggin songs ALL DAY LONG and thats the station we have on at work – _ -

and thennnn to make it all better Delilah comes on at night, which im pretty sure thats a nation wide show. And she plays the same 10 songs over and over again, except now I get to hear her annoying ass voice.

Seriously, the other day I was listening and someone called in and was like “my daughter ran away I havent seen her in days” Delilahs response “ohhh well I hope shes not dead, let me play a song for you” and then played some stupid generic ass song.


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We Built This City

I am satisfied, however, that Grace Slick is thoroughly chastened for lending her fantastic voice to that aural wreck.

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@aprilsimnel No shit. What the hell does “Knee deep in the hoopla” mean anyway? (shudders) Dreadful song. And I use the term “song” in its loosest possible sense.

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“Celebration.” by Kool & The Gang. I cringe every time it plays. And the first few lines have become a very popular sound bite.

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“I will always Love you” by Whitney Houston!

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