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Where can i get textbooks for cheap?

Asked by ppcakes (457points) April 1st, 2008

i have tried, amazon, and textbooksrus. all of them are still giving me, even for the used books, really high prices, the used being almost just as much as the new, having maybe 10 dollars off then i have to pay shipping which puts it back on. If anyone has any better sites they use please share.

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Hmmm, everytime I have been to and others have told me about buying from there, it is always a really good price deduction

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Lighten up, it was an April Fools joke!

Is your shift key broken?

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haha, april fools is over. and actually my shift key is broken, like everything else on this god forsaken dell laptop.

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@bulbatron9 AHAHAH nice save…..

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How did you capitalize that W?

It’s 11:50p.m. where I’m at, so be on the look out, for ten more minutes!

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no but really, the only button broke on my computer is the caps lock button. lets hope it never gets pressed because it will be stuck forever. i’m just terrible at capitalizing things and putting in apostrophes. you know things grammar nazi’s hate.

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@bulbatron9 Fluther does it for you… you don’t need to, try it, it also puts a question mark if you forget

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i second great site

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I liked The book I bought was cheap and the condition was as described. You can grab the ISBN number from amazon and search there.

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