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Do you have a link to the clean dozen (or more than a dozen) when it comes to food? I know the dirty dozen ...

Asked by flo (12974points) October 26th, 2010

1)I know the “dirty dozen” when it comes to food. But I was hoping to find a list/s that is longer than 12 items.
2)Also for the “clean dozen” (more than a dozen if possible). I went here:
but you have to click on the “play slideshow” and the ads , ...make a list. Do you already have a link where there is no video but just a long list that I can copy and paste?

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I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by the dirty and clean dozen. I’m assuming you are asking for healthy foods. If so here’s a link with 100 of the healthiest foods listed and here’s a link from web md that has a shorter, but valuable list of foods that are supposed to help ward off a whole host of diseases. The “so called” super-foods.

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Here’s one with 11 foods I read awhile back.

Someone posted this one on our fridge at work.

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Good news, the opposite of the dirty dozen is 15 clean here

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Thanks all. I find your links very helpful. But I don’t see the word pesticide in most of them. I am looking to avoid pesticides, I see I didn’t mention it either in my OP.
@YARNLADY The link you provided is the same one I posted in the OP, if you read the detail part…It requires you to “play slideshow”. Besides I would like a long list so I can just scroll up and down without being limited to the 12 top worst etc.

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One of the best things you can do then is join a local CSA. For about $20–30 a week you’ll get a box brimming with organic fruits and veggies- locally-grown and in season!

Check out LocalHarvest and Farmigo to find one near you.

As an example, here is what we got this week from the 2 CSAs I belong to:
Romanesco “Veronica” Cauliflower
Fordhook Acorn Squash
Lettuce-2 heads
Stupice or Early Girls Tomatoes
Red Ruffled Pimentos
Padron Peppers
Summer Squash
Creamy Zucchini & Yellow Squash – Rutiz Farms
Red Kuri Squash and Mini Pumpkin – McGrath Family Farms
Broccoli Spigarello – Coleman Family Farms
Black Arkansas Apple – Windrose Farms
Golden Delicious Apple – Penryn Orchards
Pomegranate – Rancho Del Sol
Petite Lavender Mint – Fresh Origins
Red & Green Romaine – Go Green

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Here’s a site that might be of use. It’s all about organic foods and it has lists, including shopping lists, and websites where to get coupons for all of these organic items.

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Thanks all. I appreciate it. If you ever come accross a list of the best 50 fruits and vegetables least affected by pesticides, like eg. the Onion, let me know. A list everybody agrees on, that is.

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