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What should I do about this traffic ticket?

Asked by Cooldil17 (485points) October 26th, 2010

While driving I was pulled over for “driving all over the place” the cop was a jerk but decided to cut me a break. Even though I have passed the amount of time to have a Basic Drivers License, I have never gotten/paid to get a license without the words: Provisional License on the top of it. I figured that the cops would know by the dates that it even though it says provisional, I technically have a basic license (I just refuse to buy yet another piece of plastic) But anyway the cop gave me a ticket 39:3–13.85 Passenger Restrictions Provisional. I went to pay the ticket online and it says this: This ticket is not eligible for payment. Please contact the court or refer to the back of the traffic ticket for additional court appearance information. What should I do?

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Go to court? Just a thought.

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Court appearance is not required so I don’t see why I’d have to?

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Contact the court via the phone and ask them.

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Go to court or wait to get busted again. Next time they will likely have a bench warrant for you and you will sit in jail and they will impound your vehicle.

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But you just told me it WAS: “This ticket is not eligible for payment. Please contact the court or refer to the back of the traffic ticket for additional court appearance information.?”

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In consulting the reverse side of the ticket it says: In the offense charged on the reverse is not payable….

It doesn’t address it

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Perhaps you could go to the site for the Superior Court in your area.

As an example, here’s the site for the Los Angeles Superior Court Traffic division:

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I think all that’s left then is just to contact the traffic court. They won’t make it too hard for you to pay, surely.

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Call the court. Maybe the ticket just wasn’t eligible to be paid online. What exactly did you get ticketed for? You said the cop cut you a break? It’s definitely a citation/ticket and not just a warning? If you don’t have to pay a fine or appear in court… what the heck kind of traffic ticket is that?

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You might first try an attitude adjustment. Belligerence usually does not curry favor with the law.

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Just an idea maybe you required by law to update the “plastic”, and this is a “driving without a license”.
Outcome from court appearance maybe a trip to the license bureau and a fine.

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I’m not a lawyer but you may want to find one

The New Jersey Statue:
39:3–13.8 Fine for violations of special learner’s permit, examination permit, or probationary driver’s license.

11.A fine of $100 shall be imposed for violating the following conditions of a special learner’s permit, an examination permit or a probationary driver’s license:
a.supervision requirements for permit holders;
b.passenger restrictions;
c.hours of operation; belt requirements;
e.hand-held or hands-free interactive wireless communication device use restrictions;
f.any other violation of the conditions of a permit or probationary license as the chief administrator may designate; or
g.decal requirements.

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Were you driving with an expired license? First you go and get your license renewed so that you have the correct license. Then you show up at court with the correct license on the court day, and show your correct license. It should be dismissed.

What they mean by the “license is not eligible for payment” is that it’s not eligible to be paid online. The judge wants to see your lovely smiling face in his/her courtroom.

It sounds like you got a ticket for eratic/reckless driving, and you think the cop was being a jerk?

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@plethora I really don’t appreciate your off topic bashing.

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I don’t think @plethora was bashing. If show up at court with F**** You attitude, the judge may take your license away until you are 21.

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@Tropical_Willie O.K. Good info. That clears some things up, I think. And @Cooldil17, you appear to have “figured” wrong on this one. The mere “the passage of time” is not enough, it seems, at least as far as the State of New Jersey is concerned, to magically turn your “Provisional License” into a “Basic License.”

According to the NJ State Driver’s License Manual

In order to be issued a valid Basic License you must meet the following requirements:

• Must be at least 18 years old
• Must have completed one year of unsupervised driving
• Must pay required fee

Failing to go to Motor Vehicle and apply for a Basic License and pay the “fee,” also referred to as “buying yet another piece of plastic,” means, I believe, that you “technically” still have a Provisional Licence and are bound by the restrictions of that license. You appear to have been issued a citation for passenger violations. I don’t know what the passenger restrictions are under an NJ provisional license but you apparently violated them.

I think you should call the court and find out what your options are but, more importantly, as a young driver just starting out, you really need learn pretty quickly about how driving and licenses and registration and fees and The Department of Motor Vehicle work. It’s not that complicated, but they do take all that stuff pretty darn seriously. They don’t leave it to themselves or the cops or anyone else to just “figure” stuff out. There are very strict statutes and policies and procedures governing all this stuff, yup, really, there are. And there are fees and paperwork and plenty of it. Rule of thumb? When it comes to driver’s licenses and vehicle registration and insurance issues: find out what is required by Motor Vehicle and do it. No “just figuring.” Things will go a whole lot smoother for you. If you’re old enough to drive then you’re old enough to start understanding how the “world of driving” works.

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Summary: “I went to pay the ticket online and it says this: This ticket is not eligible for payment. Please contact the court or refer to the back of the traffic ticket for additional court appearance information. So what should I do?”

Answer: Contact the court or refer to the back of the ticket for additional information.

Likely response: “But the back of the ticket just says ‘In the offense charged on the reverse is not payable…’

Response: That’s probably ”If the offense charged on the reverse is not payable …”. Your offense was not payable online, so that probably means that whatever follows, applies to you.

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@ Cooldil17, you asked our advice and you got some good advice—especially from @plethora, @lillycoyote and now me—all of us, I imagine, longtime drivers who have had our share of run-ins with the driving laws. Do as we suggest and call or visit the court—don’t try to interpret this stuff alone because many factors vary from state to state. And for heaven’s sake, drop that “Don’t tread on me” attitude. Not a good way to tackle this thing.

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All some judges need from a defendant in their court is a little attitude to turn a suspended sentence into 3 days in jail.

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In Missouri, you visit a traffic attorney, who will have a deal with the PD. You pay him $40, he keeps half, and sends the rest to the city, and the police reduce the severity of the infraction.

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I am the “update lady” and I always request people post an update as to the outcome. Please post an update with what you chose to do and the outcome. Fluther will appreciate it. Thanks.

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@Cooldil17 I was not bashing. Attitude counts more than anything else in getting what you want. See Chris Rock

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@Cooldil17 : @plethora was correct. A friendly attitude is helpful when getting pulled over by a cop, when on the phone with the court, when in front of a judge, and when dealing with anybody else in general. If you have an attitude of “What?! I don’t deserve this! This is wrong!” then they may be happy to give you a hard time and not be helpful and forgiving as you would like. See The Berenstain Bears episode on “Please and Thank you.”

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