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If possible, would you return as a ghost?

Asked by KhiaKarma (4326points) October 26th, 2010

…and if you had a choice- What would you do? Would you haunt someone? Tie up loose ends? Scare people? Enjoy a favorite spot for eternity?

I dunno, but I think it might get kind of boring. Do you think ghosts could interact with other ghosts? Or are they stuck in their own perceptions?

watching Most Terrifying Places in America on tv

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Yes, but only if we could interact with other ghosts. And when I say interact I mean sex.

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No, it is a limited existence.

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@seazen better hope for ghost condoms, last thing I need is some ghost babe coming up to my ghost house with a ghost baby saying you’re the daddy, pay ghost child support before I sue your ghost ass off!

But otherwise, I think I’m with seazen here, but I also require to be able to go off into an immaterial space, somewhere between here and there.

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No. When I’m done here, I want to be finished. I don’t want to linger. I like my life, despite all the pitfalls, but don’t relish the idea of hanging around after I’m finished.

Although, there are a few people I wouldn’t mind scaring the begeebers out of a few dozen times, or so!

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Depends on what the other options are.

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I believe I might like to try for awhile.

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Would I have to wear the same outfit for eternity? Then no.

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Would you just be stuck wearing what you died in? I don’t even own anything white and flowy!

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@chyna crap. another reason why I don’t want to linger. I’d probably be stuck wearing some mismatched crap that I wear around the house. My hair would be clipped up and I would be a mess. I’m sticking with my decision not to linger.

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well in that case…


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@cak That was my thought, I’d be stuck wearing sweats or shorts or jeans that bag in the butt my entire afterlife. I do not want to linger.

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@chynaI compltely understand.

@Winters – funny! GA

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I probably would try to help people.

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of course you would ;) Any ideas on how that might work?

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I suppose you could argue that it would be a step above oblivion.

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@josie There’d be people who’d see/feel me – I’d help them move on from their grief for those that have moved on.

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Leave me be to R.I.P., thanks.

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All of a sudden the “Time Warp” comes to mind… the part about voyeuristic intentions from another dimension…

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Nope, I wouldn’t want to be one. Can’t eat my favorite foods. Everyone else gets to have a good time and I get stuck just watching them.
Have to sit though people changing the channel.
Watch others have sex but I can’t join.
Can’t play games on the computer.
Watch people play card games and have an awesome hand but their is an idiot playing it.
I would watch in horror, yelling what an idiot they are.
Nope no fun.

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Only long enough to scare the everlasting crap out of a few people. Then I’d go float on a cloud for the rest of eternity, laughing my ass off.

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I am counting on it!! Who needs “BOO’s” and rattling chains…. I am going to be buried with my Remington and can’t wait to chamber that baby all night long!! <<Chkk…chkk>> XD

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I wouldn’t.

Even so, it would be all kinds of fun to haunt, say, Richard Dawkins.

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Ghosts are simply spirits that didn’t cross over to the other realm yet. Spirits can often return from the other realm but it is difficult for them to communicate with the physical realm.

I personally would try to cross over immediately and then only try to come back to help ease the grief of my family (somehow). I do not think I would have much of a desire to return for any other purpose nor to linger/haunt.

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Yeah, I’d come back, and haunt the ghost that’s been moaning my ears off the past 18 years.

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Usually only people who died too early or lived a very hard life return as spirits. At least that is what I have read. But if I did have the choice to come back as a ghost, I most certainly would. But I wouldn’t scare people for the fun of it, instead I would try to communicate with my loved ones.

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I would want to haunt a certain someone who has given me problems for a long, long time. Would be funny to see the look on their face when they realize its actually me. I wouldn’t want to hurt them just send the message that there is someone always around listening and that they better change their ways and that there is a life after death and that what we do in this life counts.

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