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This time of year (fall), where is the prettiest place in the U.S. to go see foliage?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) October 27th, 2010

And where do you think is the prettiest in general?

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Matthiesson State Park in Illinois and Starved Rock State Park is 2 miles away and the views from the bluffs there are breathtaking. I was going to go there this weekend but these high winds yesterday blew away all the leaves!! :(

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Just about anywhere up north of NYC. But if you really want a place to stroll and take in the view of a vary of trees and beautiful folage, than Central Park in NYC is awesome right now. I use to go there every Sunday as a teen and never got tired of the scenery every fall, winter and spring. Always something gorgeous to see. That is why so many movies are shot in Central Park.
Just don’t stroll at night or in secluded spots. :/

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New Jersey has beautiful foliage.

That state gets such a bad rap.

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New Jersey!! Arkansas!! I miss both of them so. Pine trees don’t turn colors. duuh

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My neighborhood. (I live in Southern New England.)

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The Hudson River Valley is one of the prettiest, but there are so many beautiful places I would hate to have to pick just one.

The Shenandoah River Valley in Virginia is another.

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Northern Michigan.

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For me, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Especially near Porcupine Mountains State Park on the south shore of Lake Superior. We visited there the end of Sept, beginning of October a few years back and it was breathtaking!

@mama_cakes You are so lucky to live closer than me. My dream area to live in., but you already know this. :)

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My namesake, a few weeks ago.

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@jonsblond You need to come and visit us!

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Pennsylvania is beautiful in the fall.

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This is one of my favorite northwoods photographers. Sorry, I couldn’t pick a favorite to share. They are all too beautiful in my eyes.

@mama_cakes We’ll be there tomorrow! (I wish) One of these days for sure.

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Aspen, Colorado is absolutely gorgeous.

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i’m guessing east coast.

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There are so many beautiful places to see and admire, but
I’m going to have to agree with the Michigan folks.
The color is nearly gone where I am, but it was lovely.

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In central park specifically, the poet’s walk is one of the most beautiful sites in the U.S. – fall, winter, summer and spring.

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Here are some views you will love called SierraVisions

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Blue Ridge Parkway—Great Smokey Mountains

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