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How long after a vasectomy do you usually wait before having sex?

Asked by iriemuffin (219points) April 2nd, 2008

Just curious how long most people take to “recoop”.

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Um, that would be a question for your doctor. It’s a very minor surgical procedure, so I doubt it’s a significant amount of time. Take care though – you will still be shooting live rounds for about two weeks.

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It is actually my husband doing this, I just wondered what the “collective” experience was on the length of time.

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I did a 75 mile race through the desert on a dirt bike 4 days after I had mine. Experienced no problems. As far as the sex? Can’t help you there.

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First, make sure he does a follow-up visit to his urologist to make sure he really is shooting blanks. I have a friend who got pregnant at 40 because she and her husband didn’t go back and figured all was well because he felt fantastic…... their son is now and adorable five year old, by the way! Beyond that, if you truly can’t wait, make sure he doesn’t feel tender and even take a look to see if the incision sites look well and not infected AND use alternate protection!!!!! My hubby decided that he felt well enough to play basketball the next day, so he swelled up like a balloon from the jumping around and he got so much grief from his doctor (along with being in more pain at that time then he was right after the procedure). It took about 3–4 weeks before we were even thinking of doing anything involving that area without wincing. The doctor said it would have been sooner if he wasn’t so hardheaded. So hang in there.

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Thanks! I will be on the pill until the doctor deems him safe. We were just wondering about the pain factor/time, real world experiences.

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I did 2 days later. Make sure to use protection until the doc says he’s in the clear.

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thanks! I am on pill and will stay on until he’s cleared.

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