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What music do you listen to when you want to get inspired or psyched up?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) October 28th, 2010

Here’s my current list:

You’re the Voice by John Farnham
Who said we’re whack? by The Lonely Island
We Will Rock you by Queen
Poor Man’s Son by Survivor

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Here’s a few that I like,brought to you by SRV

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I am always pretty inspired but when I see other around me that need a little lift up I will put on Sonny Landreth and John Hiatt and it never fails to set your soul on fire! By far one of the best jam and dance your ass off to songs!!

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Hey @lucillelucillelucille It’s almost Halloween, can you Give me Back Wig?

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I can see we have a generation gap in our taste for music, but here goes:

Johnny B. Goode and Roll Over Beethoven… man Chuck Berry.

The version of Roll Over Beethoven by The Electric Light Orchestra is no sham, either.

Will rock your soul and make you whole!!!!

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@Cruiser-I don’t need to do I? XD

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@lucillelucillelucille I went to Great Clips for a trim and they really screwed up and that is why I need it back….I’m Beggin you Please!!

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@Cruiser -You should go where this goes—;)

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The Moulau (Ma Vlast) by Bedrich Smetana always soothes my soul and brings tear to my eyes.

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@lucillelucillelucille I see he went to Great Clips too!! I have no choice now but to be Mr. Skin!! ;)

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AC/DC – Back In Black, Thunderstruck, Shoot To Thrill
Beastie Boys – Sabotage
Foghat – Slow Ride
InnerPartySystem – Don’t Stop
Iggy Pop & The Stooges – Search and Destroy
Joan Jett – I Love Rock And Roll, You Don’t Own Me
Mos Def – Black Dog
Orgy – Opticon
Slade – Gudbuy T’Jane, Run Runaway
The Sweet – Blockbuster!, Ballroom Blitz
Zeroleen – All Good

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Sorry to add more so late, but I just compiled an additional list for something else, and I thought I would share it here.

Lady Gaga—Bad Romance
Bwethoven—Symphony No. 7 in A Major Op 92. Allegretto
Beethoven—Ode to Joy
Lou Reed—Walk On The Wild Side Part 2
David Bowie—Station to Station
Tchaikovsky—Il lago dei cigni
Maurice Ravel— Bolero
Richard Wagner—Ride Of The Valkyries
Edvard Greig—In the Hall of the Mountain King
Tchaikovsky—1812 Overture

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@ETpro You would so love my ipod…

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