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Is anyone as excited as I am about the upcoming baseball season?

Asked by PrancingUrchin (1939points) April 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I doubt it.

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BoSox v. Mets come October. Mark it in your dayplanners.

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Go Cubbies!

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Sorry Les, but I’m thinking that the Cubbies may win the NL Central and be done. I’m predicting a repeat for my Red Sox against a TBD NL foe.

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Go Dodgers!!!

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@prancingurchin: It is actually OK.. I sort of want the Cubs to go back being the lovable losers (for real). Back in the day where you would be walking around Addison and Clark, and people would be begging you to take a ticket. I’ll still love ‘em.

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I hate the term BoSox. That is retarded. When did that start and why is everyone saying now.

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heck to the yeah! Gotta love those braves!

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It was probably created by someone in “Redsox Nation”

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It was a newspaper abbreviation to save space.
BoSox == Boston

ChiSox == Chicago

Redsox Nation- an abomination of a phrase.


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Sorry, no.

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Go Angels!!!

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Go Yankees!

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Cubs win it all.

One comment: Fukedome is ridunkulous.

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I like how they messed up the punctuation on the statue outside the stadium. Something else for Cub fans to blame.

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