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Asked by AstroChuck (37268points) October 31st, 2010 from iPhone


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Uuhhh-hhhhh-hhhhhh. Oooooooaaaaaaaaaoooooo!

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boo to you two too.

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I just gave you a GA even though it’s not a question. It’s not even a complete sentence for god’s sake! What was I thinking?

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BOOooo WOOOoooooo! ;)

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boo, you whore

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Get off my bridge!

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Hear I sit in smelly vapor,
some dumb a-hole stole the paper.
The trick or treaters are off and I must linger,
Wach out pooper here comes the finger!

(Why? Because they had to steal the butt wipe to go tee pee some grumpy old man’s house)

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Whaaat? Oh, it’s just @AstroChuck. I thought it was a ghost.

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Boo 2 U 2!
Happy Hollow Weenie!

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Had you given us a choice, mailman, I think many of us would have opted for “treat.”

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Boo Boo
Coo Coo
Doo Doo

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Tell the Sheriff I shot him six times!!

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you just scared the shit out of me

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I have a Boo cookie cutter that I used today. When the cookies were done, one of the B’s fell off. I ended up with boobies.

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@jonsblond This is one of the many reasons I lurve you.

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Boooo deeeeee dooooooooo daaaaaaaaa!

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Boo, yourself. :)

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bs! :¬)

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I would have responded last night but you scared me so bad I was hiding under the bed.

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@erichw1504 It took you a whole year to register…:p

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