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How many pages before you get bored [graphic novel on the Web]?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) November 1st, 2010

If you were a fan of graphic novels if you found on on the Web how many pages could you sit through reading it before you got bored, ie, 3, 5, 8? And how fequently would you want to see new episodes or chapters? And what would be too quick of a turn around for you to keep up and what would be too slow that you’d lose interest because it seem stagnant?

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Totally depends on how bad of a job you do with it on how many “pages.” Unless you mean I’d have to actually visit another web page, then once I have to go to a second one I’m done with it.

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It depends on how good the web comic is. There are some that lack a compelling story or have illustrations I’m not crazy about; those I’ll give up on rather quickly, perhaps at around 2–5 pages. However, some graphic novels online are so compelling that I will read the entire series
(so far) in one sitting. Examples of that are Lackadaisy and Ever After (which, unfortunately, hasn’t been updated in two years. I’m pretty sure the author has given up on it, though I stay optimistic that he’ll come back to it someday).

Speaking of graphic novels, a friend recently showed me this nine-page graphic novella that I found especially interesting. It’s great for Halloween, too (even though Halloween was yesterday).

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Two or three, and I really don’t like ones with an ongoing storyline where I have to read every episode to keep up with the story. Because I always forget, and miss a few, then I get so far behind and rather than go back and read the ones I missed I just drop it altogether. I prefer ones where it doesn’t matter if I skip episodes.

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@downtide Somewhat like Heavy Metal magazine where most features are self-contained?

@ParaParaYukiko I am impressed, good art work. I wonder if it was hand sone or done with a pad or some other program.

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You might have hit on something there. As I have frequently pointed out, I don’t even know how to be bored, but maybe I could learn by reading one. Oh, wait, this is in General, I guess I’ll get modded out

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There have been a few I’ve read through the existing pages in a sitting, but that hinges on the story and art catches me and the number of pages. I can handle about 40 pages in a sitting if its really good. If it’s more than that I have to read in chunks to get caught up.

If I’m not in to the story or art I probably won’t be able to read more than three pages.

Family Man, Curvy (NSFW) & High Moon are a few that I read in leaps and bounds when I found them.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I haven’t ever heard of Heavy Metal, but it sounds like the right sort of thing.

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@downtide Here is a taste, it is mostly a print mag (have not found an online version).

I seem to keep hearing people speak of keeping up or catching up. That alludes frequency to me. So what is good metering, ie. Two new pages a week, 5 new pages every other week, new content once a month? What is about the best turn around IYO?

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Frequency for me would be like this. If I read two pages today, and come back next week there would be two more to read. But at the same time, if I come back six months later I could read just the newest pages and not have to read back all the six months I’d missed.

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